General info

Who can benefit from

How can you benefit from
Brief video introduction to
Full list of features PWA
List of file formats supported in
Getting registered in
14-day free trial period

Referral program

Discount policy
Shortcut keys in

Data security and protection in

Personal Data Protection in (GDPR) backup and restoration process

Login consent for support team vulnerability reporting Settings

Edit user account information

Analytics and reporting

Billing plans
Making work faster

Working with assets

Uploading new assets
Selecting assets
Comparing two different assets in
Infopanel explained



Restricted assets
Linked assets map view
Marking assets with stars, flags, and color labels
Downloading assets from
Mass downloading
Deleting assets from
Working with video files in
Working with Sketch files in
Working with PSD files in

Organizing assets in collections

Organizing assets in collections
Viewing and sorting modes

Removing assets from collections
Lightboards (personal collections inside


Keywords - general info
Autokeywording function
Autofill keywords policy
Controlled vocabulary for keywords
Migrating MacOS Finder tags and comments to

Working with metadata

Processing EXIF/IPTC metadata
Settings - Custom fields
Working with EXIF data and custom fields

Migration of metadata from a third-party provider to

Version control

Uploading and comparing revisions in
Visual Comparison Tool
Visual Comparison Tool for video
Adding comments to describe revisions
Revision approval

Search Engine

Broad search
Advanced search
Search by metadata
Saved searches

Teamwork in

Teammates management
Assigning roles to teammates
Team policies
Branding for teams
Discussing an asset
Discussing video assets
Settings - Audit trail

Sharing assets to members

Sharing assets outside
Proofing template
Single asset sharing

Storage options integration with Google Drive - general info
Changing your Google Drive account
Migrate to new Google Drive account
Integration with Shared Drive

Integration with Amazon S3 storage storage
Synchronizing library with Google Drive
Synchronizing Google Drive with Auto-sync

Integrations with third-party apps integration with Adobe Creative Cloud Add-ons for Google Workspace tools

Integration with Zoho CRM
Integration with Zapier
Integration with Slack chat

Notifications Notification Center
Receiving notifications in Slack chat release and updates

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