Sometimes you need to share one single asset with your external collaborators. 

For example, you have one single photo that you want to show to somebody. Or you’ve made changes to some particular asset that you want to discuss, and you don’t want to display all other files in this collection…

For these purposes, you don't have to create a website. A simpler and more straightforward is single asset sharing.  

Here’s how it works:

  • Open an asset that you want to share with somebody.

  • Scroll down the Infopanel and find Share option. A simple switch of the slider will generate a link that you can copy and distribute in any way you like.

The Sharing option in the Infopanel

How can I customize single asset sharing?

Once you've moved the slider to Share position, you can press Edit to customize your sharing in a number of ways in the Main tab:

  • set expiration date;

  • allow or disallow downloading;

  • let others view all the previous revisions of the shared file;

  • let others leave comments about the asset;

  • allow others to see/change Infopanel details (title, description, custom fields);

  • allow others to see/change Thumbnail details (flags, star rating, color labels).

Besides, there is the Security tab on the left which allows you to do the following:

  • protect your shared file with a password;

  • enable the confirmation of the consent with terms and conditions on using and downloading the file.

How do I find all the shared assets I have in my library?

To do so, just type the following in the search field and click on 'Search' button: 

singleSharingSettings.isShared: true

All the assets shared using Single asset sharing feature should appear. 

How do I generate the direct link to a file, so I can add it to Shopify?

To form a direct link to an asset just open it in preview view and add suffix /thumbnail in the URL field. For instance:

Optional filename may be added to the URL:

NB! To be accessible your asset should be published or being a part of a public collection (website).

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