When you’re using Pics.io on a daily basis and frequently share the information from your digital library with external partners or colleagues, you definitely come to the idea to customize your Pics.io account with company name, domain, logo etc.
Now, you can impress your clients by branded websites with your logo, colors and company domain as well as allow your teammates to have a better experience with Pics.io.

First of all, if you have your own website, it's possible to specify it in My team -> Settings tab. Just enter your company domain name(s) under the ‘Domain’ field that will be used further on the branded pages and published websites.
Check the details on how to connect your domain name to Pics.io.

Branding terms of use

Pics.io allows you to customize the UI using the following features:

  • Accent color - select the color of the interface element on your branded pages and Pics.io account;

  • Background color - set the color of the background for the branded pages (will be used if there is no uploaded background image);

  • App logo - replace Pics.io logo in the account with your company’s one;

  • Copyright - change the content of the copyright, which is shown on websites;

  • Branded pages - customize your signup, login and download page on websites with your company logo and background. If you have multiple domains, you may select the one you’d like to use on the branded pages. 

Branded pages

On the right, you may also upload your company logo and an image for background which will be used on your branded pages.

Upload background image & company logo

It’s possible to create your own branded signup and login pages. So your teammates definitely know that this webpage is related to your company. 

When you decide to expand your Pics.io team, you may just provide your colleagues with the branded signup link instead of inviting them one by one. 

Branded signup in Pics.io

New users who register accounts also need to verify the email address and provide their consent. After that, they get into the ‘Requests’ list in My Team -> Teammates tab. Here you will see the list of the users who registered an account from your branded page and would like to join your team.

The team owner and teammates who have ‘Manage team’ permission are free to reject or accept the request and assign a role to this person. 

In the same way, you may share the link to your branded login page among your company staff. 

Learn more about inviting people to your team and assigning roles to them. 

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