allows you to invite teammates so that you can work on shared projects together. The number of teammates you can invite depends on your billing plan.

Whenever you invite a new person to your team in, you have to select a role for a newly-invited teammate. The role you assign determines the scope of their permissions, their access to certain assets, features, and tools available in

Once you register a new account and start inviting the team, you can choose between two default roles: 'admin' (all permissions are enabled) and 'guest' (only permissions for the root collection are available).

By default, the role of the first teammate you invite is 'admin'. To edit this role and create new roles for your teammates, go to Roles section (Settings -> My Team) where you may also edit your existing roles, duplicate or delete them.

Here is a short video on how to create, edit and assign roles:

There are two types of permissions which can be configured for a role in team permissions and granular permissions for allowed collections.

It is possible to provide your teammates with access to particular collections (subcollections). It allows giving any kind of permissions on any level of the collections hierarchy. You may control permissions of what your teammate can do in a particular collection.

If you need to assign a role to multiple teammates at once, you need to select them. Check the shortcuts you may use to select users below:

Cmd (for Mac OS) / Ctrl (for Windows) + mouse click - select individual users;
Alt + mouse click - select a user and unselect the previously selected ones;
Mouse click on a user outside the checkbox - select a single user.

Here are the permissions you may configure for your teammates:

Team permissions:

Manage restricted assets:

  • set/remove restriction status for assets
  • download restricted assets from and share them outside
  • mark restricted asset revision as approved/disapproved
  • change metadata/keywords for restricted assets
  • attach/detach restricted assets to/from collections and delete assets from the library

Permissions for allowed collections:

  • to create, rename, move and delete collections
  • to upload new assets to
  • to download assets from
  • to create, edit, delete websites and share single asset
  • to manage attributes of assets related to allowed collections (title, description, star rating, keywords, etc.). Please note that this permission has granular sub-permissions, meaning that you can specify which attributes can be edited by this or that teammate.  
  • to edit images in editor
  • to delete assets from the library
  • to mark/unmark asset revisions as approved

Setting these permissions will help you keep the integrity of your digital library and protect it from unauthorized or harmful actions.

NB! If users don't have access to the root collection, the permission to make manual sync is automatically disabled for them.

How can I search for my teammates?

Sometimes you need to find the information about your teammate or check who from your colleagues has this specific role.
To do so, just go to My Team -> Teammates and in the search field type the necessary value. It's possible to search by email address, name or role name.

If you need to check the users assigned to a particular role, go to My Team -> Roles and select the necessary role. Above the permissions section you will see the teammates who have this role.

It may be also interesting for you to learn about team policies that apply to the whole team.

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