When some of your teammates do not use Pics.io on a daily basis and just upload new assets from time to time, you might need a separate place to store such files and review them before they end up in your shared library. For this purpose, Pics.io introduces the Inbox feature.

What is Inbox?

An Inbox is a place that allows non-Pics.io users to upload files to your library for further review.

How can I create an inbox?

Only teammates with ‘Manage Inbox’ permission can use this functionality. To create an inbox you need to do the following:

  • Locate the Inbox section in the left-side panel;

  • Click on the plus button and type the name of your inbox;

  • In the settings you may customize your Inbox: change the URL link or set start/expiration date;

  • For security purposes, you can protect the link with a password and enable requesting consent to use the uploaded files;

  • Toggle the button ‘Share’ on the left;

  • Once done, copy the URL link to your Inbox and share it with the necessary people.

Inboxes in Pics.io

When you decide to close your Inbox, just go to the Inbox settings and click on the button ‘Stop sharing’. After that, the shared link won’t be accessible anymore.

If you have multiple Inboxes, it's possible to sort them by alphabet or create time depending on your needs.

How does this feature work for external users?

People may access your Inbox by the shared link. They can upload files of different formats and add comments to them if necessary. To start uploading just drag & drop files from the computer or click on the corresponding button on the page of Inbox.

NB! People visiting your Inbox won’t be able to see its current content. So if some files have been added to your Inbox previously by someone else, these assets won’t be shown to Inbox visitors.

Upload to Inboxes

What happens after files are uploaded to Inbox?

Once files get to the Inbox, you can proceed with moving them to the corresponding place of your shared library. Here you can simply select assets and move them to different collections. To do so, just open the Infopanel in the top right corner -> locate the Collections section -> click on the paperclip and choose the destination where you want to move your assets. If you don’t need to use files further, it’s possible to delete them beyond recovery.

What happens after files are uploaded to Inbox

Are there any limitations on the number of inboxes?

The number of inboxes you may create depends on your billing plan. When you are on trial there is an opportunity to test this functionality and create 1 inbox. Check the limitations for paid plans below:

Micro - 1

Small - 5

Medium - 10

Enterprise - unlimited number.

NB! This feature is not available with Pay as you go plan.

How can I manage my Inboxes?

Next to the Inbox name you can see the globe icon which allows you to customize your Inbox. Besides, you can click on the three vertical dots to rename, delete or copy the link to the shared Inbox.

Inserting links in consent message

Sometimes you may need to refer a visitor of your inbox to an external web page to provide him with some additional details. In such cases, you can embed a link into the text shown within the consent window.

To add a hyperlink:

  • Open Security section in your inbox settings;

  • Scroll down to the Consent part;

  • Enter the following string within "Message for consent when visiting/while uploading" windows for a piece of text that should be clickable:

<a href="https://pics.io/">your text</a>


"https://pics.io/" can be replaced with a link to your web page


your text - can be replaced with your custom text 

Can I be notified when new files are added to my Inbox?

Sure! To do so, you need to enable the corresponding notification in the notification settings of your account. Learn more about Pics.io Notification Center.

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