Notifications provide updates about the activities performed in your account by your teammates. They are sent when an event happens in account (asset is uploaded, comment is left, task is assigned etc.). 

How notifications work?

Notifications in help you keep track of changes made in your account. Users can configure notifications settings in their account based on personal preferences. 

You can be notified about any activities that happen in your account. For example, an asset is uploaded to your library by your teammate, so you get a notification about this event.

How can I receive notifications?

To configure notifications, just log into your account -> mouse over your avatar and click on ‘My account’. In the ‘Notifications’ section you are free to select the types of notification messages and the channels you would like to receive these notifications to.

My account section

It's possible to set notifications for global events happening in your account (e.g. teammate accepted the invitation to join your team; sync from Google Drive to successfully completed; user changed storage working folder etc.).

Notifications in

As well, you may configure notifications about the events related to separate collections (e.g. website created; asset uploaded; revision approved etc.).

For example, you would like to be notified about the activities happen in only one collection. In this case, you need to disable notifications for your root library for all channels (Email, Notification center, Browser push notifications) and select the necessary types of events for the desirable collection. Just click on the paperclip icon next to your team library -> select the collection you want to be notified about -> choose between 'Send all event types' or 'Select event types to send' and tick the necessary activities. 

Settings for

There are 4 different channels for getting notifications about activities happening in your account.

  1. Email notifications;

  2. Notification center;

  3. Push notifications;

  4. Slack for team notifications. 

You may check more information about these channels below.

Email notifications

By default, you receive notifications to the email address connected to your account. However, you may add another email address you want to receive the notifications about events to. Just go to the ‘Settings’ -> ‘My account’ -> ‘Notifications’ section and indicate the email addresses for receiving notification messages. 

Notification Center

Notification Center can be found under the bell icon on the top right corner of your account. Every time a new event happens in, a notification message appears under Notification Center. Also, the system notifications from team about recent releases and new blogposts are sent to the Notification Center.
When you click on the bell icon, a drop-down list is shown with the latest activities in your account. All new events are marked with a yellow dot. You may click on the notification to see more details about the event happened. It will navigate you to the relevant page of your account. 'Clear' button allows you to clear all the notifications. Right from here it is possible to switch to the 'Audit Trail' section, where you may check the logs of the activities performed by you and your team members.
In Audit trail i's possible to filter activities by time, user or event. 

NB! If you have some unread notifications in your account, an email-reminder will be sent to your email address. It's possible to disable these notifications in the Global account notifications settings.

New notification icon

Browser push notifications

Another way of getting notification messages is right in your browser. There are only two types of events you may be notified about via push notifications: Asset revision added; Asset commented.
Browser notifications appear in the top right corner of the screen on your

NB! Please make sure that push notifications are allowed in your browser.

Slack for team notifications

All the mentioned above types of notifications can be configured for each user in account individually. If your team is using Slack, you may integrate with Slack for your convenience. Please note that only team owner can connect to Slack and select the types of notification messages you would like to receive to your Slack channel connected to So, all the notifications about activities happen in will be sent to your Slack channel. Here you may find detailed instructions on how to connect to Slack.

Can I be notified about events to a different channel? 

Sure, it's possible to integrate your account with any other app you're using in your workflow and get notifications about the activities happening in your library. Check more info on how to do so with the help of Zapier

Notifications to users

If you’re using sharing feature, the content of your websites is updated from time to time. It’s possible to notify your clients/partners about the changes made to the collections published to the web.
Check more on how to add people to your website for them not to miss the latest changes.

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