Apart from being the most affordable digital management solution on the market, Pics.io offers a very simple and transparent billing system. Unlike many other services, you don’t have to sign up, give out your personal details or contact the sales team to find out the pricing. All the information is readily available on our website.

Once you register at Pics.io platform, you are given a 14-day free trial period, during which you can explore all the features Pics.io has to offer: organization and searching your digital assets, inviting your teammates for collaboration, and showcasing the results of your work to your customers with the help of websites. After the trial period is over, you can continue using Pics.io service by entering your credit card details and choosing one of our billing plans.

Basically, Pics.io has four billing plans: Pay as you Go, Micro, Small, and Medium.

For large companies we offer customized Enterprise packages with unlimited functionalities.

NB! In case your team needs more user sears or websites than are included in your current billing package, please contact us at support@pics.io. We will be happy to suggest a customized plan and change the limits for your account depending on your business needs.

Besides, there is a Free plan for individuals who are using Pics.io for personal needs. Check more details about the peculiarities of each plan below.

Free plan

This is a good fit for individuals or freelancers who don’t utilize the platform on a daily basis. All the basic DAM functionality like uploading, downloading, searching and version control is included in the plan. However, there’s a list of limitations applied to your account if you decide to go with the Free plan:

  • No teammates are included;

  • No websites are included;

  • Number of assets in your account is limited to 50 000;

  • Number of keywords is limited to 500;

  • Inbox feature is disabled;

  • Analytics & reporting functionality is not available;

  • Single asset sharing functionality is not available;

  • It’s not possible to create and manage custom fields;

  • It’s not possible to compare two different assets or revisions;

  • Only Google Drive generated thumbnails are available;

  • Metadata information included in files is not captured and saved to Pics.io during uploading or synchronizing your files;

  • Any changes made on assets in Pics.io (updated metadata, attached keywords, uploaded revisions etc.) are not saved back to the original Google Drive files;

  • No auto-sync feature. Manual sync is available every 60 minutes;

  • Integrations with third-party apps is not available;

  • Amazon S3 storage option is not available;

  • No chat support;

  • Email support with 72 hours turnaround.

Feel free to check all the rest characteristics of the free plan and compare it to the other packages on our pricing page.

Pay as you Go plan

If you are an individual user or a team with very few members, Pay as you Go plan will be a perfect option for you. You are given free access to basic DAM features, such as search, downloading, version control, commenting, and metadata management. The choice of the billing plan totally depends on your needs:

  • If you need to collaborate with your colleagues, you can invite your teammates to the team and work on the same project together ($18/month each additional teammate).

  • In case there is a necessity of sharing your assets with clients or partners, you can do so using public websites ($12/month each website). Besides, you may take advantage of single asset sharing, if you don’t need to share multiple files at once. Pay as you go plan includes 10 free single shared assets.

A clear and easy-to-use calculator will help you estimate the amount you will be charged per month for the features you choose. You are only charged for the features you are using, which is yet another great advantage of Pisc.io. As for synchronization of Google Drive with Pics.io, only manual sync is available every 15 minutes for this billing plan.

Micro plan

By choosing Micro plan you can use all the features listed in Pay as you Go package (search, download, version control, commenting, metadata management, etc.), but you are also given up to 15 public websites, and you can add up to 10 people in your team. Additionally, you can use images autotagging feature against a small extra fee. Users who choose this billing plan can take advantage of auto-sync feature which

happens every 30 minutes.

Starting from Micro plan, you have an opportunity to choose between two cloud storage options: Google Drive or Amazon S3 which will be connected to Pics.io.

This billing plan allows you to create an inbox, so that non-Pics.io users can upload the content to your library. Besides, we keep the data about your team activity within the system during one month and you may check the statistics about your library, websites and each teammate.

For an affordable price of $120 per month ($1,200 per year) this plan is a smart and cost-effective DAM solution for small teams and new businesses.

Small plan

Small billing plan gives you access to all DAM features available in Micro, but the number of public websites you can create is considerably bigger - you can now have up to 50 websites and invite up to 50 users to your team. Images autotagging feature is also available here at a reduced cost, as compared to the previously described plan. Google Drive storage syncs automatically with Pics.io every 15 minutes for this plan.

Users on Small plan have a possibility to create up to 5 inboxes and check the analytics on the team and asset level in addition to the analytics available on Micro plan. The activity logs period is 6 months.

In addition, starting from the Small plan you can take advantage of the Branding feature. It allows you to customize your Pics.io account with your own logo, colors and connect your domain name for system pages like login.

Small billing plan costs $480 per month ($4,800 per year) and is ideal for online retailers and established agencies.

Medium plan

If yours have a medium-sized team or an established company with lots of contractors, you might like our Medium billing package ($840 per month or $8,400 per year). In addition to all the great features of the previous packages, you can run up to 100 websites and invite up to 100 users in your team. Images autotagging feature is even cheaper in this package, and as a fringe benefit you will have a personal support engineer at your disposal. Auto-sync is performed every 5 minutes for users who choose Medium plan. Within this plan you’re free to publish up to 10 inboxes for external uploading and check the analytics of 1 year time period.

Customized Enterprise package

Apart from these four basic billing plans, Pics.io can also offer a customized Enterprise package, which you might want to choose if yours is a large company with a fast-growing team and numerous projects. That will give you unlimited access to all Pics.io features and the cheapest images autotagging service. In addition, you will get the real-time auto-sync with your Google Drive storage and the activity data logs will be available for 3 years.

Feel free to contact our Sales team at sales@pics.io to discuss the specific needs of your organization, so that we can offer you the most convenient and cost-effective DAM solution.

Proposal for HEIs and Non-Profits      

Finally, Pics.io has some news for non-profit organizations and higher educational institutions. We want to support you in your cause, so we offer special conditions to non-profit organizations and educational sector on the Small, Medium and Enterprise plans. Feel free to contact us at sales@pics.io to get learn more.

You may book a free of charge demo with our expert to discuss the details about choosing the billing plan for your team.

Pics.io tries to be as flexible and user-friendly as possible. We understand that you might want to scale your team or create more public websites than your current billing plan allows. You don’t need to worry about that. You can change the plan anytime you want, and the new pricing will be adjusted automatically. We make a point of keeping the whole process clear and transparent, so all the invoices are safely stored in your account.

Pics.io wishes you an enjoyable and seamless work with your digital assets.     

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