Version control is a must-have function for designers to eliminate even the slightest risk of getting lost in the jungles of changes an asset goes through on the way to its final version. has a simple version control system that helps keep the history and control these changes, both in team-operated and individual projects. 

Feel free to check out this short video on how you can use this feature:

How do I upload versions?

There are several ways to upload a revision. 

  • If the revised version of the file has the same name as its previous version, a pop-up window will appear in the middle of the screen notifying that you are about to upload the file that already exists. The window will offer 4 possible options: keep both files, add the asset as a revision, replace the old file or skipping the notification. Click on “Add the file as a revision” option, press “ok”, leave a comment if necessary, and press the orange “upload” button. 
  • Another way is to use the “upload a revision” button located on the thumbnail of the asset. 

Known bugs:

According to Google Drive, when uploading a new revision, please make sure that the aspect ratio for this version is the same as the first revision has. In case the file size is different, the previous revision will be used for a thumbnail instead of the latest one. Though, the proper version will be displayed in the preview.

How do I track the changes?

Once the revision is uploaded and you select and open the file, you will be able to see the list of revisions uploaded by any of the team members in chronological order. They will be listed in the Activity panel. To open it click on the double-window-looking icon situated left to the Infopanel icon in the top right corner of the screen (the file must be selected).

To help you compare any two revisions of the same asset, created a Visual Comparison Tool. You don't have to open each file separately. All you need to do is to select the necessary revision and press 'See the difference' button next to another revision. 

How can I change the current version of the file?

Every time you upload a new version of a file, a new revision is added and appears as a new comment in the Activity panel. Sometimes your team considers the first revision to be the final version.

It’s possible to select the particular version and make it the primary one. To do so, just mouse over the necessary revision and click on the ‘Set as current revision’ button. A copy of the selected revision will be created in the Activity panel and will be set as the main one. 

Set as current revision

How do I let my team know that I applied a change?

Easy! Once a new revision is uploaded, an automatic notification will be sent to each member of the team. You can choose a communication channel which will be more suitable for you - email, in-app Notification Center, browser notifications, and Slack bot options are available.

How do I explain changes?

With you don’t need to give long and ambiguous explanations. Every time you upload a new revision, you can simply leave a comment describing what exactly you have done in this particular revision (e.g. "all buttons are red now" or "moved the logo in a different corner").

The comments you leave while uploading a revision appear in the Activity panel below the revision they refer to in chronological order.

Besides a comment, it's possible to make other changes on a newly-uploaded revision (update keywords, metadata, add visual markers, etc.). If your team owner has made some of the meta fields obligatory to fill in, you won't be able to upload a revision without indicating any information in the required fields

Required fields

How to tell my teammates that I like one version more than others?

First of all, you can leave comments, put visual markers, and outline the whole areas of interest right on the file and say what you what to say about it.

Besides, you can simply use Revision Approval tool. Find a switcher at the bottom of the Activity panel and move it to "Approve" position.

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