To ensure the integrity and coherence of your digital library, you, as the team owner, can set a number of general rules that will apply to the whole team. To do so, mouse over your avatar in the right top corner and select My Team section. In the Settings tab you may do the necessary changes.
Here you're also free to enter your team name.

There are several kinds of general policies you can currently set in

  1. Policy concerning comments

You can tick the corresponding checkbox to oblige all your teammates to add comments every time they upload a new asset or revision to your library. It helps a lot to track changes that happen to the asset and take the full advantage of the version control tool in

    2. Policies concerning keywords

Here you have two options to choose from. 

  • Autofill Keywords policy will automatically generate keywords for newly-uploaded assets. Here you may also select the language you want to use for AI keywording. Please note that the price of this feature depends on your billing plan. Learn more about autokeywording function here.
  • Controlled Vocabulary policy, you can limit the scope of keywords used by your team to the existing keywords only. It means that none of your team members will be able to add, edit or remove keywords that have already been created. Read more about how to upload your list of keywords here.
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