At the final stages of design process you’re very likely to have several competing versions of design. To avoid miscommunication, it’s very important to understand which of the uploaded revisions was approved by the person in charge and therefore should be considered final.

This is the exact purpose of Revision Approval function in To approve a revision, here’s what you should do:

  • Make sure you open the Activity panel, where you can see all the uploaded revisions of the asset.

  • Select a revision you want to approve as final.

  • Move the switcher to “Approve” position at the bottom of the Activity panel.

Approve button

Once you have approved a revision, a green label “Approved” is attached to this revision.

A green label

How can I disapprove a revision?

If you have a revision that you or your teammates have already approved, but now you don’t find it good enough, you may easily disapprove it. To do so, move the “Approve”  switcher in the Activity panel to the opposite direction.

All these actions are duly recorded in the Activity panel alongside with comments. A quick look at this panel will be enough to see which of your revisions were approved or disapproved, and who did that. These changes are also reflected in Audit trail.

Who has the right to approve revisions?

It surely depends on your workflow and the structure of your team. Generally, to avoid a too-many-cooks situation, it’s recommended to limit the number of people in your team who can approve and disapprove assets. Preferably, there should one person in charge, e.g. a CEO and an Art director.

Approval permissions

These permissions are easily granted or revoked in Settings section of your interface (Settings - My team - Roles). You can read more about giving permissions to teammates here

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