If you’re working in a team, from time to time you need to check how the working process is going or create a report for your director about how each teammate performs.

Pics.io Analytics functionality allows you to easily stay up-to-date with what is happening in your Pics.io account.

Watch our video tutorial to learn how Pics.io analytics&reporting works.

What time period is used for the analytics information?

Depending on your billing plan we collect info and store it on our servers within different time periods. So the data you can watch is limited to the period of audit logs retention.

Are there any limitations on the analytics available for my account?

Yes, the levels of analytics you have access to depend on your billing plan. In case you need to get more objective analytic information, feel free to upgrade anytime.

Limitations for Analytics

Check below which levels of analytics Pics.io has.

Team level analytics

If you have to track how each user in your team performs, you're free to refer to team level analytics. It allows you to check the analytics of your Pics.io team and create different reports on the basis of this information.

Team-level analytics

How to check the analytics?

  • Mouse over your avatar on the top right corner of Pics.io account;

  • Go to ‘My Team’ section;

  • Locate the Analytics tab in the left side panel.

Teammate level analytics

Besides the whole analytics of how your team performs, Pics.io also allows you to check the information about each user of your team separately (e.g. when this user logged in last time or how many assets uploaded to your library).

How to check the analytics?

Just open My Team settings and go to the Teammates tab. Here you may select from the list the user you want to get information about and check the Activity section.

Teammates tab

Website level analytics

To control the performance in your collections published outside you may also check website analytics.

Besides, if you want to collect more details like who your visitors are and where they come from, you can connect Google Analytics tracking.

How to check the analytics?

  • Click on the globe icon next to the collection published to the web;

  • Locate the Analytics tab on the left.

Website-level analytics

NB! If a website is unpublished, all the current analytics will be lost. In case you decide to share this very collection outside again, the system will start gathering analytic info from the beginning.

Library level analytics

To get the full picture of what is happening in your Pics.io account, we have library level analytics. It allows you to learn such information like the number of files in your digital library and their formats or assets uploaded/downloaded by internal and external users.

Library-level analytics

How to check the analytics?

Mouse over your avatar and locate the ‘Audit trail’ section. Here you may watch detailed logs of what activities are performed in your account or open the Analytics tab on the left to get the report related to the particular time period.

Audit Trail

Asset level analytics

Users on Small, Medium, and Enterprise billing plans get more opportunities to control the activities performing in their Pics.io library. It’s possible to learn some information about a particular asset of your collection.

Asset-level analytics

How to check the analytics?

Just open the necessary asset in the preview view and click on the Analytics icon in the top right corner next to the Activity panel button.

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