There are some projects which come to the end and you don’t have the necessity of using the content further. You don’t want to delete those files as you will probably need them some time in future. In this case you may need to hide your assets from the main library, so corresponding users won’t have access to them. To help you manage such files, it’s possible to use the Archive feature. Learn more details about this functionality below.

Which permissions should teammates have to work with Archive?

All the teammates who are going to work with the archived assets need to have the corresponding permissions. Team managers should configure the permissions for the necessary roles in the Team settings. The permissions to manage Archive belong to the Team permissions. Currently, the following scopes of rights are available:

  • View archived assets;

  • Set/remove archive status for assets and collections;

  • Search in archive;

  • Download archived assets and collections;

  • Delete archived assets and collections.

How can I archive an asset?

To move your assets into Archive:

  • Open an asset or select it;

  • Open the Details panel in the top right corner;

  • Locate the Archive section;

  • Toggle the corresponding button and indicate the Archive reason if necessary.

How can I archive a collection?

To archive a collection you’re not going to use anymore just do the following:

  • Mouse over the collection name in the Collections tree on the left;

  • Click on three vertical dots next to the collection name;

  • Choose the “Move to Archive” option.

After that the collection will be placed into your archive and disappear from the common library.

What happens to assets after they are moved to Archive?

Once your files are placed to the Archive, you cannot make any changes to them in the Details panel. All the teammates who have the permission to manage the Archive will be able to see the assets in it, but not make any changes on the metadata.

What can I do with the archived assets?

After the collections/assets have been moved to the Archive, you can do the following with them:

  • View and search among archived files;

  • Download archived assets and collections;

  • Delete archived files beyond retrieval;

  • Remove assets/collections from the archive and place them back in the main library.

NB! It’s not possible to change any metadata for the archived files or collections. To do so, you need to place them back to the main library.

How can I search for the assets in my Archive?

There are two ways on how to search for archived assets.

  1. You can search inside the Archive itself for the archived files only.

  2. You can search inside the main library, but include the archived assets in the search results: open any collection you need -> in the search filter enable the button “Show archived assets”.

How can I unarchive a collection?

If you need to remove the collection from Archive and place it back to the main library, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Archive by clicking on the corresponding button in the left-side panel;

  • Choose the collection you want to remove from the Archive;

  • Click on the “Unarchive” button next to the collection name;

  • Choose the destination where it should be restored to.

The folder will appear in the main library in the previous location and you will be able to manage your assets metadata again.

How can I unarchive an asset?

To unarchive assets separately do the following:

  • Open or select the necessary asset;

  • Open the Details panel in the top right corner;

  • In the Archive section toggle the corresponding button;

  • Choose the destination folder where you want to move your asset to.

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