This functionality helps you save your previous search results. In this way, you won't waste your time searching for the same thing over and over again.

To do so, click Save this Search at the bottom of the search dropdown menu. You can do it either before you start search or after you have retrieved the necessary assets, whenever is more convenient.

Save this Search

After that you're supposed to give a name to this saved search, so that you can easily identify it later. 

By default, the saved searches you create are visible to your teammates, i.e. the yellow box "Share with my team" is checked. To make the saved search visible to you alone, simply uncheck this box.

Where can I find my Saved Searches?

Saved Searches can be retrieved by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the very left panel of the main screen. By clicking on this icon, you get immediate access to the whole tree of your saved searches.

Where to find Saved Searches

Default Search Options

In addition to custom saved searches, offers ready-to-use search options that can be useful to filter the assets quickly and locate:

  • duplicates;

  • restricted assets;

  • assets by file types;

  • assets by dates;

  • assets assigned to you.

Just choose the variant from the list that suits your needs best and the system will show you the filtered results.

NB! By "duplicates" we mean not similar, but absolutely identical files. To locate duplicated files within we use hash values (MD5 checksums) calculated based on each file content. Files with the same content will have the same hash values, files with different content will almost certainly have different values. This is more accurate than comparing files by their name, size, and date. As a result, the same (visually) files with different metadata inside would not be considered as duplicates as they have different hash values.

You can organize your Saved Searches by selecting Favorite Saved Searches. In the same way, as you deal with collections, you can hit the “star” button to give a star status to your selected items. 

Favorite Saved Searches appear on top of the tree, which makes them easy to find.

Besides, it's possible to sort your saved searches by alphabet or create time.

Favorite Saved Searches

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