is using cloud repository (Google Drive/Amazon S3) to store all your files. You may upload your photos, videos and other assets in the folder/S3 bucket connected to your account. system is working only with the files stored in this folder/S3 bucket, and we never touch other files and folders outside the connected repository. When you upload any files or make some changes on them directly in your Google Drive or Amazon S3, it is necessary to make sync for these updates to be displayed in account. 

We have two ways of sync performed in manual and auto-sync (currently, available for Google Drive storage only)

How to make manual sync?

In your account mouse over the “Settings” icon on the right-side panel and click on “Sync” button. Here you will be able to check when the latest sync happened and if necessary do manual sync by clicking on “Sync now” button.  

Sync button

What is Auto-sync? How often does it happen? (currently, unavailable for Amazon S3)

Users who work on top of Google Drive storage can benefit from auto-sync functionality. Auto-sync means that synchronization between your account and Google Drive happens automatically without your presence at regular intervals. These intervals depend on your billing plan. Check the peculiarities of the auto-sync feature for different packages below: 


Users on the Free plan don't have auto-sync feature. Only manual sync is available every 60 minutes.

Pay as you go

The clients who use this billing plan can only make manual sync. It is possible to make a manual sync every 15 minutes.

With this billing plan Google Drive storage syncs automatically with every 30 minutes. Manual sync can be made anytime. 


For the clients who use this billing plan, auto-sync happens every 15 minutes. You may make manual sync when necessary. 


Auto-sync of the Google Drive storage to is performed every 5 minutes.
If you need to refresh your storage right now, just press “Sync now” button to do it manually. 


Trial period comes with a benefit - auto-sync. Google Drive storage syncs every 5 minutes like in Medium plan. You may also perform manual sync if you need. 

If you want auto-sync to happen faster than it does now, you may upgrade your billing plan anytime.

I'm using Amazon S3 storage. How often can I make manual sync?

Currently, only manual sync is available for teams who use Amazon S3 as a storage option. Though, our Dev Team is already working on implementing auto-sync functionality for AWS as well. Check below the time limitations of manual sync for different billing plans:

Free plan - every 60 minutes

Pay as you go - every 15 minutes

Micro, Small, Medium, Enterprise - anytime

Trial period - anytime

When should I make manual sync? 

In many cases, you may take advantage of auto-sync depending on your billing plan. Only users on 'Free' and 'Pay as you go' plans have some limitations in performing manual sync. Still, if you make some changes in your Google Drive working folder and need them to be displayed in your account right now, it is necessary to perform a manual sync. After that, all the updates will be shown in your account.

How does sync work? 

It is possible to organize your assets in folders in the way you like inside your cloud storage. After the sync takes place, the system pulls all the files and folders from your Google Drive/Amazon S3 with all the changes you may have made there. It will make keep the structure you have created in your storage.

Once you press on the 'Sync now' button, system is trying to catch all the information updated in your storage connected to the app. During the data is syncing, it's not possible to make any changes in your library. After the sync is completed, you will receive the corresponding message.

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