If your company is not currently using any cloud storage platforms (such as Google Drive or Amazon S3), you can benefit from the Pics.io storage option. Learn more details about how it works below.

Where are my assets actually stored when I'm choosing Pics.io storage?

We’re using Amazon S3 for storing your data. It’s one of the most reliable, robust, and secure storage services. You don’t need to have an account on Amazon to use Pics.io storage. When registering at Pics.io and choosing our storage, the system automatically selects the region of the servers appearing the closest to your location.

How much space can I get?

With Amazon S3, storage is not a problem. Pics.io storage can be used on all billing plans starting from ‘Pay as you go’. Currently, we offer the following storage options:


20GB - free

100GB - $50

200GB - $80

2TB - $460

10TB - $1900

20TB - $3400

30TB - $4800


20GB - free

100GB - $500

200GB - $800

2TB - $4600

10TB - $19000

20TB - $34000

30TB - $48000

NB! If you’re using Pics.io storage, you pay separately for the billing plan and storage.

How does it work for users during the trial period?

Once you register at Pics.io and start your trial period, it’s possible to choose the Pics.io storage option. During your 14-days trial period, you get 20GB of free storage, so you can test the functionality in full. After the trial period ends, you can choose any billing plan and storage option which fits your business needs best. If you decide not to proceed with the Pics.io DAM, all the uploaded data will be deleted within the next 7 days.

NB! You won’t be able to subscribe to the Free plan if you want to proceed with using Pics.io storage.

Where can I check how much space I have?

It’s possible to check the remaining storage in two places of your Pics.io account:

  1. In the Billing settings -> under your current storage option.

  2. In the Storage settings of your account.

What happens if I reach the space limit?

If you’re about to reach your storage limit and start uploading more assets to your Pics.io library, you will receive a corresponding warning message. To upgrade your storage option, just go to the Billing settings and choose the option which fits your needs.

Are there any functionality limitations on Pics.io storage?

As there are some restrictions on the Amazon S3 side, they are applied to some features for Pics.io storage as well. Here is the list of these restrictions:

  • Assets with identical file names cannot be located in the same collection.

  • The full path to a file (e.g. ‘MyTeamLibrary/collection/subcollection/filename.jpg’) is limited to 1024 symbols.

  • File/collection name may contain all letters, numbers (0-9), symbols ( _ ( ) ! ? ' & , . * ' )

  • Symbols [] {} “” ‘’ /|\ cannot be used in file/collection name.

  • Max number of symbols in .docx, .doc, .pdf, .txt files is limited to 16 million.

NB! Most of the above-mentioned limitations will be eliminated in the next releases.

How does sync on the Pics.io storage work?

All the changes made to your assets in Pics.io are automatically synchronized to the original files stored on Amazon and remain available if you decide to export them one day.

How can I change my current storage type?

If you decide to change your current storage type, please contact support@pics.io for further help. Besides, we will be happy to help you with the data migration process as a part of custom development services.

How can I export/import data from/to Pics.io storage?

If you want to import your files into Pics.io or export the uploaded data into Pics.io storage, please contact support@pics.io. We will be able to discuss your needs and suggest the best practices.

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