June 15, 2021



  • Added new format for Google Authenticator (G-XXXXX) for Pics.io websites.

  • Available referral program in browser mobile version.

  • Improved processing of failed background jobs and added possibility to reprocess them via Pics.io interface.

  • Possibility to make Pics.io websites unindexed by search robots. If you need help with this, please contact support@pics.io for further assistance.

  • Description and colors of collections in Pics.io is saved back to the Shared Drive folders.

Bug fixes:

June 2, 2021


Bug fixes:

May 25, 2021


Bug fixes:

  • Minor bug fix for checking billing plan in the plugins for Adobe tools.

  • Bug fix for thumbnails generation for files on Amazon S3 storage.

  • Fixed issue with black background for PNG files instead of transparent one.

  • Fixed problem with high-quality video files.

  • Minor bug fix for displaying thumbnail icons during mass operations on assets.

May 18, 2021


Pics.io public API is available. If you need to build any integration using API, contact support@pics.io.


Bug fixes:

April 26, 2021

Bug fixes:


  • Added password validation for newly invited teammates.

  • Improved process of deletion roles assigned to already existed teammates.

  • Exceeded the limit of uploading files to Inboxes - maximum 40GB.

  • Improved process of collection deletion.

April 22, 2021

Bug fixes:


April 15, 2021

Bug fixes:

April 13, 2021


  • Pics.io storage. If you don't have Google Drive or Amazon S3 cloud storage, you can take advantage of Pics.io own storage option.

  • Move unnecessary files to the Archive, so particular users can access the outdated assets.

April 8, 2021

Bug fixes:

Minor bug fix for wildcard search.


  • Improved flow of inviting new teammates.

  • Minor improvement for password length. Your password should contain no less than 8 and no more than 128 symbols.

  • New default role for your teammates. Besides 'admin' role you have 'guest' role which doesn't have any team permissions enabled.

  • Added links to Pics.io app on App Store and Google Marketplace to our email notifications.

  • The webhook assets.keyword_attached is expanded with the info of the storageID.

  • Minor improvements for the background processes.

March 25, 2021

Bug fixes:


  • Minor improvements for features available during a trial period.

  • Improved flow with the account verification via email.

  • Improvement for the background process related to parsing metadata.

March 22, 2021

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed permission for moving assets via drag'n'drop with limited access to collections.

  • Minor bug fix for the Pics.io editor: enabled possibility to convert files without saving them as new revisions.

  • Improved background status for the Sync progress.

March 15, 2021

Bug fixes:

UI updates:


  • Improved email notifications about failed metadata processing or replicating. They will contain more detailed description of the problem appeared.

  • Optimized collection tree.

  • Improved buttons for playing video files in mobile browser version.

March 10, 2021

Bug fixes:

  • Minor bug fix for the permission "Manage Inboxes".

  • Added error message for failed uploads of files with unsupported symbols in the filename for Amazon S3 storage.

  • Bug fix with synchronization of connected Amazon S3 storage on the wizard screen.

UI updates:

February 25, 2021

Bug fixes:

  • Minor bug fix for displaying time coded markers on video files.

  • Bug fix for thumbnails generating for TTF file format.

  • Bug fixes for workflow with invalid Webhooks. Users will be notified via email about incorrect Webhook configuration.


Improved flow with assets aggregation. If users select more than 50 assets to make changes in bulk, all their metadata info will be displayed in the Details panel.

NB! If you attach keywords to more than 50 files at once, the changes will be saved in the background and appear after reloading the page.

February 23, 2021


  • Snapshots of video files are saved in the JPG format.

  • Updated browser mobile version of Pics.io.

Bug fixes:

Minor bug fixes for the management of assets located in the Inbox:

  1. Fix of moving files from Inbox to shared collections;

  2. Fix of assets preview located in Inbox.

February 16, 2021


Preview of newly uploaded video files displayed on thumbnails. It's possible to see the previews of your videos. Supported formats for video preview for users with Google Drive storage: MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, MKV, MXF; for Amazon S3: MP4, MOV, MXF.

Bug fixes:

  • Minor bug fix for thumbnails generation of OTF files.

  • Fixed workflow with using account credits for AI keywording.

  • Fix for sorting of assets on shared websites.

  • Bug fix for changing limits for 'Pay as you go' plan in the Billing settings.

  • Bug fix for required fields dialog in the editor while saving edited assets back to Pics.io.


  • Set the default alphabetical sorting mode for collections on websites with Proofing template.

  • Added VAT ID in the Billing settings.

UI updates:

  • The wizard screen is updated with the corresponding message when the working folder has been deleted on Google Drive side.

  • Optimized avatars of teammates for different UI components.

February 1, 2021


Describe your collections. You can add description and color tags to your collections. Besides, it's possible to check the dates when a collection was created and updated for the last time and see the teammates who have access to this particular collection.

Bug fixes:


Improved flow with handling warning messages for a destructive sync.

January 20, 2021


  • Improved process of uploading files with size more than 5GB on Amazon S3 storage.

  • Improved process of processing metadata. Assets uploaded via Pics.io UI will be processed prior to the assets synced from the connected storage.

  • Manual synchronization from the connected storage happens in the background while you may continue working in Pics.io and see the progress at the top of your account in job statuses. When the sync is completed, you will receive a corresponding notification to the Notification Center.

Bug fixes:

January 13, 2021


  • Check assets preview in your Slack channel connected to Pics.io library.

  • Search for most used keywords by your team in the Keywords list with the help of sorting.

Bug fixes:

January 5, 2021


UI update:

Improved text area displaying. You may change the size of the area for any text field.

Bug fix:

Fixed downloading assets from websites for Amazon S3 storage.

December 17, 2020


  • Set required custom fields your teammates have to fill in before uploading new assets to your Pics.io library.

  • Improved manual sync functionality. Now synchronization from your storage is processed in the background while you may continue working with your assets.

Bug fixes:

UI updates:

Minor UI updates on the registration (wizard).

December 1, 2020

Bug fixes:

UI updates:

  • UI updates of the Assignees feature in the Activity panel.

  • Added the notification about processing of AI-keyworded assets in the background.


  • Webhooks events improvement.

  • Improved process of the navigation through collections.

  • Improved processing of AI keywording for multiple assets.

November 23, 2020


  • Add your company logo and contact information for websites created with Proofing template.

  • Download a collection with separate files or as an archive with the folder structure.

  • Receive notifications about enabled AdBlock or uBlock plugins which help you to avoid incorrect work of the platform.

Bug fixes:

UI updates:

November 12, 2020

Bug fixes:

Title and description fields are changed when switching between synchronized from Google Drive assets in preview view.

UI updates:

  • Updated error text when a user doesn't have permissions to manage websites.

  • Minor UI fix on the Download window.

November 6, 2020


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Shortcut keys screen.

  • Fixed permissions for allowed collections. If users have no access to the root collection, the permission of storage synchronization is disabled for them automatically.

  • UI bug fixes on the video player for mobile version.

  • UI fixes on the Teammates tab.

October 27, 2020


Presets for downloading assets. Create presets for downloading your files with the necessary settings and share these presets with your teammates.

UI updates:

  1. Minor updates in AI keywording generation.

  2. Updates for visual markers functionality for multipage assets.

  3. Minor UI updates in the Activity panel.

  4. A teammate can leave the team by clicking on the 'Remove from the team' in the team settings.

Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed the 'Publish' and 'Unpublished' buttons in website settings.

  2. Bug fixes for zooming assets in mobile version.

  3. Fixed dialog for attaching/detaching assets to/from collections when a user doesn't have this permission.

  4. Bug fix for the Import panel when uploading files.

  5. Fixed bug on the Legal tab in the account settings.

  6. Bug fix for custom domains (subdomains) for websites.

  7. MXF files are properly displayed on shared websites and single asset sharing.

  8. Thumbnails are updated after uploading new revisions.

October 7, 2020


Bug fixes:

  • UI bug fixes for Safari browser;

  • Fixed video player on shared websites (Proofing template);

  • Unsupported file formats are properly displayed on Amazon S3 storage;

  • Audio files can be played on websites (Amazon S3 storage);

  • .OBJ files are properly displayed on websites.

September 28, 2020


Bug fixes:

  • Minor changes in drag'n'drop functionality in Details panel;

  • UI fix on the Import panel and on shared websites;

  • Fixes for generating thumbnails functionality;

  • Bug fix on the Billing screen for the 'Pay as you go' plan;

  • Fixed display of images in portrait orientation with rotation;

  • Fixed bug with the Notification functionality for iOS.

September 10, 2020


  • MXF video files format supported - new video file format is supported in Pics.io

  • Improvements for the Details panel - reorganization of fields within the Details panel is allowed according to the user requirements

  • Link to the Instagram can be added to the My account / Profile section

  • Beta version of Pics.io Progressive Web App (PWA) is available

  • Web push notifications - "Pics.io library" push notifications will appear in your browser. You can turn them on/off in My account / Notifications section

Bug fixes:

  • Fixes for Inbox functionality for mobile version.

  • Minor UI fixes and improvements for the Proofing template and permissions.

  • Fixed behavior when attaching new root collection to admin role - teammates who have the admin role will not lose access to the root collection and their permissions will not be affected.

August 31, 2020


  • Consent for websites. Enable the confirmation of the terms and conditions for non-Pics.io users to interact with your website, single shared asset or inbox.

  • Version control support for Amazon S3. Keeping track of the changes made on your assets, comparison and approval workflow is now available for users with S3 storage.

  • Custom thumbnail for video files. Change the thumbnail for your video by uploading a JPG image from your device.

  • Region for a newly created S3 bucket. When registering at Pics.io, choose the region closest to your current location for a new AWS bucket which will be used as a repository for your files.

  • Revisions download. Save the original file and the version with the updated metadata right in the Activity panel.

Bug fixes:

August 3, 2020


Meet new Pics.io Free plan for individual users and freelancers and updated Billing packages with more cool features and abilities.

Bug fixes:

  1. Minor bug fixes for custom fields functionality.

  2. Drag'n'drop of assets in Safari browser.

July 15, 2020


  • Amazon S3 cloud storage. Integrate your Pics.io account with Amazon S3 and use it as a storage option for your digital files.

  • Access to Audit trail as separate permission. Now you may choose who from your team can access audit logs related to the activities performed in your Pics.io library.

Bug fixes:

June 4, 2020


  • Inbox. Allow non-Pics.io users to upload files to your Inbox. This is a separate workspace where people outside your team can upload assets, so you can review them and move to your Pics.io library .

  • Analytics and reporting. Control your team activity on different levels and report on your Pics.io library efficiency with the help of our Analytics and reporting functionality.

  • Referral program. Earn money with Pics.io using our Referral program. Just share your thoughts about your experience with Pics.io with your friends or business partners.

Bug fixes:

  • Minor bug fixes for the collection and website functionalities.

April 6, 2020


Restricted assets - mark assets as restricted in order not to remove, upload or publish them without the proper permission. This feature creates an additional layer of security for your assets and notifies your teammates to use the restricted files with caution.

Bug fixes: 

March 23, 2020

Bug fixes: 

  • Fixed adding Saved Search to Favorites.

  • Fixed the 'Leave Team' button for users who don't have permission to manage the team.

  • Minor UI bug fixes.

March 17, 2020


  • 'Retry all' button on the Import screen. If some issues appear during uploading files to your Pics.io library, just use this button to continue uploading the remaining assets. 

  • Realtime updates on websites. All the changes made in the website customization settings will automatically appear on your website. There is no need to click on the 'Update settings' button to refresh the website customization.

Bug fixes:

UI updates: 

  • Infopanel button is now available in the catalogue view of the mobile version.

  • Improved vertical tabs on the following screens: My account, Billing, Website settings, My team.

  • Progress and notifications about mass deletion of assets. Files become locked for you and your teammates. You can see the progress of the deletion and once the deletion is completed, you'll be notified about it in the Notification Center.

February 26, 2020


  • Branding for teams. Customize Pics.io experience for your team and website visitors with your company name, domain, logo etc.

  • Website notifications. Add your clients/partners’ email addresses to your websites and inform them about the latest changes made in your collections automatically.

  • Remove from Lightboards icon. Detach assets from Lightboards in one click on the crossed lightbulb icon located right on the thumbnail


  • Markers on multipage files. Now it’s possible to put markers on different pages of your documents to highlight the area of interest. 

  • More data about users on the ‘Switch account’ window. The team name (the name of your team owner) and your role in this team are displayed on the ‘Switch account’ window. 

Bug fixes: 

January 29, 2020


  • Filter notifications per collections to be notified about different types of events happening in your Pics.io library. 

  • Receive email-reminders about unread notifications related to the activities in your Pics.io account. 

  • Allow your colleagues to join your Pics.io team automatically. Just indicate your company domain name and all the newly registered users who have domain-based email addresses will be able to join your team automatically.


  • Improved UI for slow Internet connection.

  • Improved UI for teammates who have no access to any collection.

Bug fixes:

  • Minor fixes for the invitation and registration flows.

  • Added placeholder for empty files (when file size is 0 bytes).

  • Fixed mentions of users in the Activity panel in Firefox browser.

January 6, 2020


  • Added ability to choose between date formats. It can be done in My Account - Settings.

Bug fixes:

  • Improved video player functionality

  • Fixed behavior when moving assets between collections via drag'n'drop 

  • Minor UI issues have been fixed


  • Improved icons for mobile devices

  • We are adjusting UI for future update to improve auto-sync option

December 19, 2019


  • Required fields for new uploads and revisions on Import panel - a team owner may set some meta fields obligatory to fill in before uploading files to Pics.io library.

  • Shortcut keys for catalogue - use hotkeys to navigate through your files in the catalogue view.

  • Teammates assigned to roles - to check who from your teammates belongs to a specific role just go to My team -> Roles and select the necessary role. Above the permissions section you will see the users who have this role.

Bug fixes:

  • Title/description changing in preview view - when you preview your assets, the title and description fields in the Details panel are changed according to the assets' metadata.

  • Teammates tab is shown properly for users who rejected invitation - the error in My Team - Teammates page appearing for a teammate who rejected an invitation has been fixed.

December 17, 2019


  • Switch account - if you have several Pics.io accounts, you may change the current account using the 'Switch account' button in the settings. 

UI updates:

  • Invitation of new users from your Google Workspace account - already invited teammates will not appear in the list when clicking on the 'Add users from Google Workspace' button.

  • Roles deletion dialog - when trying to delete a role assigned to at least one user, you will receive a message with a list of the teammates who have this particular role assigned. 

Bug Fixes:

  • User invitation - if a user already belongs to another team, it's not possible to invite him/her to the team. 

  • Teammates list - team owner can't be included in multi-selection in the Teammates list.

December 11, 2019

Minor UI updates:

  1. User selection in My Team (Teammates section) - shortcuts for teammates selection.

  2. A spinner is shown when an asset is detached from a collection and when a role is assigned to a user.

Bug fixes:

  1. Trashed assets are removed from the database after autosync. 

  2. Access to assets in the root collection - teammates who have access to the root collection (even with no permissions) can view assets located in this collection.

  3. Access to assets in Lightboards - an asset located both in a shared collection and in Lightboard cannot be accessible after your team owner revokes your access to this collection.

  4. Notifications about assets located in Lightboards only - if a user makes any changes on the assets which are in Lightboards and don't belong to any shared collections, notifications are not sent to other users. 

December 3, 2019

  1. New Pics.io billing plans.

  2. Add users to Pics.io right from your Google Workspace account.

  3. Invite multiple teammates at once to your Pics.io team.

  4. Select several teammates and assign roles to them. 

  5. Minor bug fixes.

November 6, 2019

  1. Disabled Infopanel when metadata is processed after the uploading.

  2. Revert revision - select the primary revision for an asset.

  3. Add more information about your assets before upload on the Import panel (change metadata and custom fields, update title and description, mark assets with colors/flags/starts).

  4. Full path of collections - from now on the full path of collection location is displayed in Settings/My Team/Permissions.

October 17, 2019

  1. Trashed assets - from now on Pics.io has its own Trash bin and you can easily search for your files within this folder.

  2. Broad search update - search by content is available on your DOC, DOCX and Google Docs files.

  3. Team permissions update - now you can add and remove team saved searches.

  4. Thumbnails update - custom thumbnails are generated for PSB and for large size JPG and PNG files.

September 19, 2019

  1. Map View button allows you to display your assets on a map and find assets available nearby.

  2. Export to CSV button at your Infopanel allows you to export metadata information about the selected assets in CSV format. 

  3. SSL for Custom Domain - all websites on custom domains can be protected with SSL certificate by LetsEncrypt. This one is particularly important when you require secure connection for your websites. 

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