There are cases when you need to restrict members of your team on actions they take with some particular assets in your library or collection. For that, has Restricted Assets functionality.

This functionality may be configured for each particular role you assign to your team members depending on the scope of responsibilities they have.

How to give permission to some of my team members to mark assets as the restricted ones?

For that do the following:

  • Move to Team Settings of your account;
  • Click Roles in the vertical tab menu;
  • Create a new role by clicking the corresponding button;
  • In the Team permissions section Scroll down and choose the permission from the Restricted Assets list;
  • Assign this role to the teammates who should have this permission.
Assigning team roles

How to make assets restricted?

That's easy! To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Open/select the asset you'd like to mark as restricted one;
  • Move to Infopanel in the top right corner of the main screen;
  •  Locate Restrict row toggle button.
Restricted assets in Infopanel

Restrict section contains three fields which can be used to:

  • Set a custom reason message - to be shown to a user who does not have a permission to make changes to the asset;
  • Set a start date - when an asset becomes the restricted one;
  • Set an expiration date - when all the limitations are gone.

Is it possible to change the default reason message?

Yes, it is. To customize the default reason message text move to 'My Team' in the top right corner and open the Settings tab. In the 'Default restricted asset reason message' type the text which will be used as a default one for all restricted assets in your account. 

Default restricted asset reason message

If you don’t have any custom text entered in the Restricted asset reason message field, the default warning message will be shown: “Asset is restricted. Use with caution”. 

How restricted assets work? 

After the toggle is turned on, the asset is marked with an orange exclamation mark on the thumbnail showing the reason entered in the reason message field once you hover the pointer over it.

How restricted assets work

It's possible to configure different permissions on what your team members can or cannot do with restricted assets. This option is used to undermine the ability to:

  • Download restricted assets from and share them outside;
  • Mark restricted asset revision as approved/disapproved;
  • Change metadata/keywords for restricted assets;
  • Attach/detach restricted assets to/from collections and delete assets from library;
  • Set/Remove restrict status for assets.

Mass operations which include restricted assets

In case you select several files where some of them are restricted ones, depending on the permissions you have, it's possible to take different actions on all of them or non-restricted assets only. Consequently, if you don't have permission to download/move/etc restricted assets, when you select restricted + non-restricted files this process will be successful for non-restricted ones only.

Search options

In the search filter it's possible to enable the button 'Show restricted assets under search results'. Besides, using Saved Searches functionality, it's possible to filter the assets on Restricted and Unrestricted assets. 

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