offers a quick and easy registration procedure. It takes no more than several minutes to get full access to everything our service has to offer. After you press Sign Up in the top right corner of the home page, all you need to do is to type in your name, your email address, and a new password you create just for No company name, no phone number, no credit card details - none of these is required. 

The whole process can be even further simplified if you choose Google+. One click will automatically connect to your Google Account.

Once you get registered, you need to select a working folder in your Google Drive. You are free to choose an existing folder inside your Google Drive that you want to connect with app. Or you can let create a new Picsio folder in you Google Drive. 

Besides, if you're a member of a company which is using DAM already, it's possible to join their team during the registration process. Learn more about how to configure automatic team membership

All the files you work with inside are safely stored in this working folder. The service will work only with the content of this folder without touching other files and folders in your Google Drive. We support a huge variety of file formats, such as JPG, PDF, Sketch, CR2, TIFF, MP3, MP4 and many more. 

After the registration you are automatically given a 14-day free trial period. During this time you can fully enjoy all the features available in You can organize and search your digital assets, invite your teammates to collaborate with you, and showcase the results of your work to your customers with the help of websites.

If you're still not sure if is the right choice for your business, you may book a free of charge product demo with our expert to discuss all the questions you have.

When a 14-day free trial period is over, you can choose either Pay As You Go plan, which is perfect for individuals, or one of several Billing packages available.


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