is a comprehensive platform for managing your digital assets. It has a variety of features that meet the requirements of a wide range of businesses. Design and branding agencies, publishing companies, architectural offices, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and many other companies benefit a lot from using as a digital assets management service.

What are the main advantages of

  • works on top of Google Drive. uses your Google Drive as a storage for your digital assets. So, using as a DAM tool is a smart way of making the most of your Google Drive, which you most probably already have. easily works with Team Drive as well.
  • doesn’t require installation on your device. It’s an in-browser app, which means it works on any device, regardless of the operating system. 
  • doesn’t limit the number or the size of your assets. The only limit is the size of your Google Drive. 
  • is a multi-format service. It supports a huge variety of file formats: vector files, raster images, raw photos, text documents, audio and video files, and many others. See the full list of file formats supported in
  • Transparent and flexible billing scheme. You can choose among several billing plans and easily switch between them depending on your business needs.
  • Easy-to-use interface, which is absolutely clear for beginners, yet functional for professionals.
  • Convenient and user-friendly mobile version so that you can manage your digital library on the go.

Now, here’s a full list of things you can do in

Managing your digital assets 

 Organizing files in collections

Attaching keywords to assets


Working with metadata 

  • See all the metadata parsed from your files in the corresponding fields inside (camera settings, copyright, creator’s info, etc.)
  • Add GPS coordinates and see the location on Google Map
  • Modify and add new metadata - saves changes in metadata within your assets, so they remain available beyond, e.g. in Lightroom
  • Customize your metadata fields and add as much relevant info about your assets as necessary
  • Search for your assets by metadata

Teamwork support in

Version Control

Sharing your assets with the rest of the world

  • Share single assets beyond with one simple click 
  • Create online websites out of your collections and give the link to everybody you want
  • Choose among 10 ready-made templates to showcase your work to the best advantage
  • Use Proofing Template website that lets you and your customers discuss your common projects together with the help of comments, markers, flags, etc.   
  • Use your own domain name and connect Google Analytics to your website
  • Protect your websites with a password to keep things secure
  • Select any type of sorting mode for the assets to be shown in the corresponding order on your website

Integration with other services

Searching functionality in

  • Powerful and versatile in-built search engine looks for your assets by various criteria: titles, collections, formats, keywords, star ratings, metadata, etc.
  • Searching PDF and AI files by content
  • Advanced searching functionality with the help of logical operators and “wildcards”
  • Search for geotagged assets
  • Keep previous search results as Saved Searches

Higher productivity in

  • Perform batch actions with your files and save a lot of time
  • Use shortcut keys to select, approve, rate, and download multiple files in one go.


Communication center

  • Receive different types of notifications about changes in your digital repository to multiple channels: email, notification center, Slack
  • Contact our live support chat whenever you have a question about
  • Drop us a message at whenever you experience some issues with

Customize your digital library DAM service is constantly improving. We never stop developing and implementing new features to meet the business needs of our users. So, if you have an idea of how we can better help you organize your digital assets, we are always happy to discuss it with you. 

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