Sometimes it may seem to you that works too slowly. This can happen for several reasons:

  • slow Internet connection

  • too many open tabs in your browser

  • you are downloading something while browsing

  • slow computer

  • files you are trying to open or upload are too heavy (e.g. high-res RAW photos or videos).

  • Browsers with unpredictable behavior, Internet Explorer for example. We highly recommend to all of our customers Google Chrome and Safari if they want to enjoy a flawless experience.

Here’s what you can do to improve your viewing experience:

  • Enable Small images in preview setting.

  • Open only in regular tabs, some functions may work incorrectly and cause an error in the incognito tab.

To optimize your experience, you can let use images with lower resolution for preview. To activate this setting, navigate to My Account -> Settings -> Network (or use this link).

Don't worry: enabling this setting won’t affect the actual size of your assets or their quality when you download them.

NB We recommend you to disable this setting if you work with PDF files, Sketch, or similar assets that contain text typed in small print. Otherwise, you probably won’t be able to read this text properly.

  •   Enable Upload one asset at a time setting

If this setting is on, you will be able to upload only one file at a time to, rather than perform batch uploading. To activate this setting, navigate to My Account -> Settings -> Network (or use this link).

NB Please bear in mind that both settings are enabled individually, per teammate.

To make your experience smooth and consistent, you can access the platform through the installed app instead of just heading straight to the website in your browser.

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