We at Pics.io believe that the ability to access and use your digital assets across different third-party apps is very important. That’s why our team is always working on implementing different integrations with other platforms. Zoho Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is one of the most popular business applications which allows you to manage sales/leads, marketing, contacts, customer support, and other business functions.

Using Pics.io integration with Zoho CRM you can easily access files from your Pics.io library and attach them to specific leads in the CRM. As a result, you can have all assets centralized for each customer, find them anytime within the CRM and search across assets belonging to each specific lead.

Pics.io integration with Zoho

What can I do with the Pics.io plugin for Zoho CRM? 

  • Attach digital assets to the specific contacts and leads within Zoho CRM;
  • Keep the contact and lead information always updated;
  • Synchronize contacts and leads information between Pics.io and Zoho CRM;
  • Avoid switching between applications for getting user information.

How to install the extension?

That's easy! To install the Pics.io plugin just go to Zoho Marketplace and search for 'Pics.io'. Open the extension and click on the yellow button 'Install' on the right. 

Pics.io plugin for Zoho

How can I add my files to Zoho? 

It’s possible to attach Pics.io assets to your Zoho leads you’re working with. There are multiple ways on how to do so:

  1. Go to one of your Leads in Zoho.
  2. Open the Pics.io plugin in the top right corner. 
  3. Login to your Pics.io account where assets are stored. 
  4. Search for the necessary assets using specific queries or mouse over the latest uploaded files.
  5. Depending on your needs add an asset to attachments or to notes.
  6. Besides, you may click on the arrow icon to open the asset in preview in your Pics.io library. 
Add files to Zoho from your Pics.io library

When you add an asset as an attachment it’s possible to open it right in Zoho CRM, see it in the preview mode and download it from there. 

In case a file is added to notes, you get the link to your Pics.io account where the file is located. To open the link in notes, you have to login to your Pics.io account first.

Add the link in notes

Use cases

  1. Your Sales team always holds demos for new leads. Every demo is uploaded to your Pics.io library for further review. All the contact information about potential users is stored in your Zoho CRM. Using the Pics.io plugin you can easily add the link to the recorded demo to the notes of the particular lead in Zoho. 
  2. From time to time your team posts testimonials from your users on your landing pages. Before doing so, you need to collect some information: their company logo, document with the testimonial, photo of the person who provided you the testimonial etc. Using Pics.io plugin you may add all these files as attachments to the particular contact, so that you may easily locate all the necessary information associated with your client. 
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