Digital assets are not just images or videos, but additional information they contain (metadata, keywords, etc.). One of the metadata parameters are GPS coordinates which include the geographical information about where the photo was taken. map view allows you to see the location of your files on a map and find assets available nearby. Multiple geotagged assets located near each other form a cluster.

Mapping feature can be useful for many types of business. Among them are travel, real estate, advertising agencies and hospitality industry.

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How does capture GPS coordinates of my files? 

Every time a new asset is uploaded to, all the available metadata including GPS coordinates are parsed to system and saved into the corresponding fields. You may check and manage the metadata about your asset in the Infopanel.

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If the file doesn't contain any information about its geographical location, it's possible to indicate the necessary values in the GPS section manually.

Using map view feature you may find out the GPS coordinates of any place in the world. Switch to map view in any collection and press Option (for MacOS) / Alt (for Windows) + mouse click - a pop-up window will appear with the latitude and longitude of this particular area. You may copy them and fill in these details into the corresponding fields of GPS section (GPSLatitude and GPSLongitude) for the desirable asset. Right after the changes are saved, you will see this asset on a map.

How to view all geotagged images inside a collection?

That's easy! To customize the way you see the assets inside your collection, just go to the necessary collection and in the top right toolbar switch to the Map view mode.

All the assets from this very collection which have valid GPS coordinates will be
shown on a map according to their geographical location. 

As on the other maps you may zoom to the necessary place to see assets closer or hold Shift on your keyboard and select the particular area.

To continue working with the assets located on the area displayed on a map particularly, just switch back to Grid/List view mode.

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What do different colors on a map mean? 

On the map you may see all geo-tagged assets marked with different colors. If there is more than one file located on the particular area, they form a cluster of markers. Depending on the number of markers a cluster color changes. Yellow marker allows you to click on an asset to open it in preview view. 

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How do I search for assets using map view?

All the assets which have GPS coordinates will be shown on a map. Let's take a look at some examples on how to search for geotagged assets in 

Example 1.

You want to find all the geotagged files in your library located in a particular place.

What to do?

  1. Go to the root collection (team library) -> In the top right toolbar select Map view.
  2. Choose the necessary area on a map to see the assets.

It's also possible to use different search criteria to find the particular assets on map view. 

Example 2.

You need to find all the photos in the collection "Events" with a keyword 'building' taken in California.

What to do?

There are two ways on how you can do that in

Solution 1. Go to the collection "Events" -> In the top right toolbar select Map view -> Click on the filter in the top search field and type the necessary keyword.

Solution 2. Go to the Keywords list -> Find the keyword 'building' and click on it -> In the search field type the collection name "Events"  -> Select Map view in the top right toolbar and find the necessary location.

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