takes a pride in supporting a wide variety of file formats including a whole range of video file formats. has a powerful multiformat video player that allows you to play your video files and perform basic manipulations with them without leaving the app.

Once you open your video file in, you can see the timeline. The loading progress bar shows how far your video is through the loading process. If you place your mouse cursor on any place of the video timeline, you will see its timing, and that allows you easily find a place you need. 

To pause and resume playback process, you can click “play” button in the left corner below. Or you can merely click one time on the screen. 

In the right corner below the timeline, you can see the following:

  • the original quality of your video in px (it’s in our roadmap to make it adjustable);
  • “screenshot download” button - it automatically downloads a PNG screenshot to your device;
  • "create custom thumbnail" button allows you to make a screenshot of the definite moment of video and use it as a thumbnail and preview for your video file;
  • “scissors” button - it allows you to cut your video files in To make this process easier, you can see the screenshots and the timing of the video piece you’re going to cut.
  • full screen button - alternatively, you can to do the same with a double click on the screen.

If you work with video assets, you may also be interested to learn more about the following features:

Also, when you upload MP4 and QuickTime files to, the system is parsing all the available metadata inside and it's shown in the Infopanel.   

NB Currently video player can play the following video file formats: mp4, m4v, webm, quicktime (mov). As for other video files, you can upload and manage them in, i.e. structure them in catalogs, attach keywords, leave comments, and edit metadata

In case you need to share your video files outside, you may use a Lumière template to create a website

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