In the same way as you can discuss static images (such photos or sketch files) by leaving comments, putting markers, and highlighting areas of interest, you can also do the same with video assets.

How can I leave a comment to a video file?

To leave a comment to your video asset, here’s what you should do:

  • Select a video you want to discuss.
  • Open Activity panel (a double-window-looking icon situated left to the Infopanel).
  • At the very bottom of Activity panel, you can find a space where you can leave a comment either in writing or dictating (available for Google Chrome).

If you leave a comment like this, it will refer to the whole video file. But if you want to leave a timestamp comment about a particular moment of your video, make sure you tick the box Attach time above the space for leaving comments. The time will appear next to the comment, so your teammates will know which moment in your video you’re talking about.

Leaving a comment to videos

How can I highlight a specific place on the screen and leave a comment about it?

If there’s a particular place on your video that you want to comment, you can use Timestamp Markers and Areas of interest.

To add a timestamp marker, click on the pink button above the space for leaving comments. This will create a marker that you can put wherever you need on video and leave a comment.

Every time you put a timestamp marker on your video, the time is automatically attached to your comment. You can create as many markers as you want. They are numbered, so you will not get confused.

Putting timestamp markers to videos

An eye-looking button next to the marker in the Activity panel has to modes (open and closed). It allows you to hide the markers from the screen. 

You can highlight an area of interest in a similar way as you put markers:

  • Click on the pink button at the bottom of the Activity panel and place it where you need on the canvas.
  • Find a small arrow on the right side of the marker and drag it to select the area you need.
  • Add a comment to let everybody know why you think this area is important and what should be done about it.
Putting visual markers to videos

Every time you select an area of interest on your video, the time is automatically attached to your comment. So your teammates will easily understand which moment in your video you were referring to.

Besides, all the comments, markers, and areas of interest are reflected as gray bullets above the timeline. They act as “bookmarks” that automatically take you to the corresponding places in the video.

Bookmarks for your videos

How will my teammates know that I left a comment in

You and your teammates can receive notifications about comments via email, Notification Center (a bell icon at the top) web push notifications, or Slack Chat. Read more about notifications in here.



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