If you are a team owner in Pics.io, you can set certain policies for the whole team. To see the list of options available for team policies just mouse over the settings icon and select 'My team' -> 'Settings' tab.

In particular, here you can activate a general policy concerning keywords. By selecting “Autofill keywords” option, you will allow keywords to be automatically generated for all the newly-uploaded assets. On this page you may change the language of the AI-keywording.

Autokeywording is free for the first 1,000 images during the 14-day trial. After this period expires, you can continue using autokeywording functionality until you reach the limit of 1,000 images.

Further autokeywording comes within a billing plan and therefore requires money on your balance. To deposit money on your Pics.io account, follow “Settings->Billing->Overview” route and press “Buy” button on the right just above the plans selector. Once the balance on your account is positive, a fee will be charged automatically every time you utilize the autokeywording function. Learn more about billing plans here.


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