To save you a lot of time, you can perform mass download from, i.e. to download more than one asset at a time. 

To perform mass download, you should first select a number of assets you want to download. There are a number of way you can do so:

  • to select all assets in a certain collection, you can press Cmd (for Mac OS) / Ctrl (for Windows) +A. Or you can simply press Select all in the Infopanel on the left;
  • to select a sequence of assets, hold down the Shift key on the keyboard and make a left click on the first file you want to select. Without letting go of the Shift key, select the last file in sequence;
  • to select individual files that are not in sequence, hold down Cmd (for Mac OS) / Ctrl (for Windows) on the keyboard and select each file you need with the left click of the mouse.

Once you’ve selected the files you need, there are two ways you can download them:

  • press Download icon in the side panel on the left;
  • press Cmd (for Mac OS) / Ctrl (for Windows) + D.

Please note that you can’t download more than 300 files at a time.

As you download your assets, you can convert the file formats (for RAW, PNG, PSD and JPG only) to download them as jpg/png/pdf files rather than their original format. You can also choose to download them as an archive or as separate files. 

If  you want to download files which belong to different collections (subcollections) and keep the same structure as you have in, you need to download files as an archive: 

  • Select the collection (multiple files) you want to download; 
  • Click on the “Download” button on the left-side panel;
  • After the Download window appears, choose “Download as an archive” and “Organize files by collections” as it is shown on the screenshot below. 

If you have any issues with downloading assets from library, please make sure you have no add-ons or plugins (e.g. Adblock or uBlock) added to your browser and try to reload the webpage. In case the problem still appears, please contact us via chat or at with more details and we will be happy to help.

Known issues:

  • It's not possible to download multiple assets as originals in Safari browser.


  1. Use another browser to download files (Chrome, Firefox).
  2. Download multiple assets as an archive in Safari browser.

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