stores all the information about your assets on Amazon servers. In backup is performed every 4-5 hours and the information about files is stored on Amazon for approximately 2 years. But the assets themselves are stored in your storage (Google Drive or Amazon S3).

But, sometimes it may happen that someone from your team deletes metadata, assets or other important info related to your account accidentally. There is nothing to worry about as almost all the data can be restored by you or with the help of our Dev Team. Check below the types of data which can be retrieved.

Start from Audit Trail

First of all you may check the events related to your team account in the Audit trail. This is the place where all the logs of the activities in your profile are stored. It’s possible to filter by the necessary type event (asset deleted, collection moved etc.) or user who performed a particular action. Once you locate the necessary event, you can easily get back the things in the previous state.

NB! Time period for keeping the data about your activity within the system depends on your billing plan.

Assets disaster recovery

As is using your own storage option, all the files are actually located in your Google Drive/Amazon S3. Deleted assets may be found in the ‘Trashed assets’ folder. Here you may choose the necessary files and restore them. Currently, it’s not possible to restore assets in the previous location. As a workaround, you can go to your Google Drive/Amazon S3 account and restore files directly from there. Check more details about how to restore the deleted files.

How to restore collections along with metadata deleted from stored in Google Drive?

It's possible to restore your assets (collections) deleted from directly from Google Drive. It will help you to restore your files along with metadata into the previous location in a few clicks. To do so, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Google Drive account connected to -> select the Trash folder

  2. Restore the deleted folder. Just place the cursor over the folder and click on the Restore button.

  3. Login to your account->Go to the Sync settings and press on the 'Sync now' button and check if all of the assets along with metadata are restored.

  4. If not all of the information is restored, please contact us at

Feel free to find more details about assets deleting and restoring here.

Keywords disaster recovery

If a keyword is deleted from your Keywords list accidentally, it will be detached from all the assets it has been attached to. In this case, you can do the following to restore it manually:

  • Go to the Audit trail;

  • Find this event using filters;

  • Recreate this very keyword in your Keywords list;

  • Attach it to the assets it has been attached to previously.

In case you don’t want to waste your time on doing it, we can help you with the restoration process. It will take about 4 working hours of our Dev Team and cost about $200 ($50/hour). Please contact us at to get more details regarding the restoration process.

Full data disaster recovery

If someone from your team by mistake has changed the storage or repository connected to and you would like to get your account in the previous condition, it will be considered as a full data restoration. In this case, the corresponding team of developers will be assembled to work specifically on your request. It will be considered as custom development. Please contact us at, so we can provide you with the estimation and the approximate price for the data recovery.

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