There are several scenarios here depending on what you actually want to do with your assets:

1. If you want to delete your asset from the entire library, you just need to hit the trash bin icon on the left side-panel, in the Infopanel or on the thumbnail of the asset. Read more about deleting files from here.

2. If you simply want to remove an asset from one particular collection/Lightboard, but keep it in all other places in the library, you need to detach this file from this collection. To do so, just open your asset and find Collections section in the Infopanel. Choose a collection you want to detach and click on the cross next to its name. Alternatively, you can do the same on the thumbnail of your file, clicking on three horizontal dots at the bottom and a cross next to the collection name or clicking on a crossed lightbulb icon dealing with Lightboards.

In this way, you will remove this asset from this particular collection, but save it in all other collections or lightboards it may belong to. 

NB If the detached asset belonged to only one collection, it is moved to root folder. You can find it later with the help of the button "Don’t show assets in nested collections".

3. If you want to detach multiple assets in one click, you should first select them, open the Infopanel, and click on the cross next to the name of the collection.

Please note that removing assets from lightboards has some peculiarities. You can read more about it here.

In case you want to delete the whole collection, just mouse over the collection you want to remove and click on "Delete collection" button. Here you may find more information about how to manage your collections. 

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