What is Pics.io?

Pics.io is the most robust media management system on the cloud. It allows to organize, search, distribute and collaborate over your media assets. When we say 'assets', we mean files like pictures, photos, video, audio, designs, etc.

Who uses Pics.io, is it for me?

Pics.io is a tool that helps in many cases. Among our users there are digital/brand/photo agencies, online retailers, designers, software developers, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and even churches. All of them need to work with media files.

Pics.io helps them to keep the files in order, search through big or small libraries and organize their files' metadata. Some of our users change files and use Pics.io as a version control tool for their assets. If someone needs to get feedback on a file or discuss that, Pics.io helps here as well. In case you need to share files with your clients or partners, you can do that using our platform. Besides, Pics.io integrates with different apps which you may use in your workflow.

We help anyone from individual designers to huge agencies managing libraries from a few to millions of files of different formats (such as images, raw photos, videos, vector illustrations, fonts, 3d images, PDFs and documents).

What are the requirements to use Pics.io?

Pics.io is an in-browser application. So you will need a browser. We optimized Pics.io for Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Besides, you need to select the cloud storage which will be used as a repository for your digital files. Currently, Pics.io integrates with Google Drive and Amazon S3.

Why do I need cloud storage?

Pics.io uses your cloud storage to store all the files. Your cloud repository allows us not to limit you by the number and even the size of your files collection. Besides, we do not charge for the storage as you're already paying for it on Google Drive/AWS side. That's why, our pricing is the most affordable on the market.

You're getting access to my Google Drive/AWS, can you break something there?

Actually no. Once you have connected your cloud storage to Pics.io, you are free to choose a folder/bucket inside your storage that you want to connect with Pics.io app. The service will only work with the content of this working repository without touching other files and folders in your Google Drive/Amazon S3.

How can I add files to Pics.io?

There are a few ways to do that. You may just drag and drop your file(s) to a browser window with Pics.io open. You may also open upload panel using the top icon in the left toolbar or press Cmd(Ctrl)+I.

In case your files are already located in your cloud storage, you may simply move them to the repository connected to Pics.io. Besides, it's possible to upload assets directly to the Google Drive working folder/Amazon S3 bucket. Then you'll need to make sync, so the changes will appear in your Pics.io library.

I want to structure my Google Drive/AWS just like my Pics.io collections. How?

If you make some changes (i.e. upload new files, add revisions, create collections etc.) inside your Pics.io app, these changes appear in the repository connected to Pics.io almost at once. The system makes automatic sync from Pics.io to the storage to keep the same structure. 

Still, it is necessary to make a sync from your cloud storage to Pics.io for all the changes made in Google Drive/AWS to be displayed in your Pics.io library. Feel free to check more information on how to do it here.

Which formats does Pics.io support?

We support all major media formats: images, raw photos, audio files, videos, presentations, PDF documents, vector illustrations, fonts, and 3d images. The full list of supported formats can be found here. If you can't upload some file you need, please let us know about this problem using our support chat.

Is there any limit to the upload size of files?

Pics.io doesn't limit the size of your files. There's a restriction on file size from Google Drive and Amazon S3 which is 5TB. That means you can upload files with size up to 5 TB.

How can I customize my Pics.io account?

Pics.io branding feature allows you to customize your account and public pages (websites, login and signup pages) for internal and external users with your company name, domain, logo etc.

Can non-Pics.io users upload files to my library?

Yes, you can share a link to a separate workspace called Inbox where people who don't have access to your Pics.io account can upload files. After that, you're free to review these assets and move them to your shared library or delete forever.

Why does it take so long to preview my assets? What can I do to make it faster?

There are basically several reasons why it may take a long time to open your assets for preview:

  • slow Internet connection
  • too many open tabs in your browser
  • you are downloading something while browsing
  • slow computer
  • too heavy assets uploaded in Pics.io.

If your computer is modern and fast, and you are sure there is nothing wrong with your Internet connection, the problem may well be in heavy assets. Here’s what you can do to improve your viewing experience:

  • Select My Account in the top right corner of the main Pics.io screen.
  • Choose Settings - Network.
  • Enable ‘Small images in preview’ option by ticking the corresponding box.

When this option is set, Pics.io will use thumbnails with lower resolution in preview so as to optimize your experience. This doesn’t affect the actual size of your assets, however, which means it won’t affect your downloading. You can learn more about making Pics.io work faster.

I don't have any cloud storage. What should I do?

Pics.io offers two cloud storage options: Google Drive and Amazon S3. You may choose the one which fits your needs best. The registration takes like 2 minutes, and in return, you’ll get 15GB (Google Drive) or 5GB (Amazon S3) cloud storage for free.

I'm using Google Apps for work and it seems Pics.io doesn't work with my account

You need to enable 3rd party apps access in your admin panel. Here is a manual from Google - Enable third-party Google Drive apps. Besides, you need to enable an option that allows users of your organization to share files outside the organization.

My sync has failed. I have files in my connected storage, but Pics.io doesn’t see them

If you cannot see your assets in Pics.io, though they are located in the connected cloud repository, you need to make sync from your storage to Pics.io. Just go to Pics.io app -> mouse over the Settings icon / Sync / Sync now. Shortly after that all the files will be synchronized from your storage to Pics.io library.

Should you have any issues, feel free to contact us at support@pics.io or via support chat. 

I'm from a non-profit organization. May we get a discount?

Absolutely! We will be happy to discuss your special conditions on our Small, Medium and Enterprise plans. Just contact sales@pics.io to learn more.

Where can we discuss future functionality or other questions?

We are always happy to talk with our customers. Please send an email to support@pics.io with your request or use our support chat for that. You can find it in the bottom left corner of Pics.io main screen. Once we get your request, we will put that on our internal features triage. On triage we will check if there is something like your feature already planned or implemented. If this is a completely new feature, we will talk to our existing customers to check the demand. As soon as the demand is confirmed, we put the feature you asked for into our product roadmap. We will certainly keep you updated about your request.

I see a bug. How to tell you?

Please send us an email to support@pics.io or use our support chat. In most cases, we answer immediately.

I can't find an answer here. What to do?

Please send us an email to support@pics.io or use our support chat. In most cases we answer immediately.

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