Let's imagine you have a Pics.io account account@example.com that connected to the account@example.com Google Drive. All your files are there and you're happy with that. One day you decide to leave the company and your Google Workspace account is going to be removed. How to smoothly transfer files to the new Google Drive and keep Pics.io comments, custom fields, ratings etc.? It's relatively easy, but may lead to complete data loss. Please contact support@pics.io if you're not sure on how to proceed or need any assistance.

  1. Login to your Google Workspace admin and open user removal dialog:
Login to your G Suite admin

2. Select both checkboxes (see the screenshot below) to transfer all the user's data to a new account and type the email address of a new owner accurately.

Select both checkboxes to transfer user's data

3. You should see the following confirmation dialog:

Confirmation dialogue

Transferring data to new Google Drive may take some time depending on how much files you have. When data transfer is ready, you will see your files in the root of the new Google Drive account. Carefully review the folder structure and make sure that all the files are transferred successfully before going to the next step.

4. When all the data is transferred to new Google Drive you're ready to connect Pics.io to the new account. Open Pics.io app in new tab. You should see the message that Pics.io lost connection with Google Drive. Old Google Drive does not exist anymore, but all the data is safe in new Google Drive.

Connecting Google Drive

5. Click Connect Google Drive button and follow the wizard to connect new Google Drive account to Pics.io.

6. When new Google Drive is connected it's time to select the same working folder. Set Select an existing folder and click the Select folder button.

Choosing your working folder

7. In a newly opened dialog navigate through folders and find the very folder that has been used as a working folder before. It's important to select the right folder to avoid data loss. Please contact support@pics.io if you're not sure what folder you need to select.

Selecting Pics.io working folder

8. When the working folder is selected Pics.io will synchronize the data. It may take some time depending on how many files you have. Click Finish. Congrats, your Pics.io is reconnected to the new Google Drive.

Sync process

NOTE: We strongly recommend using a shared Google Drive account, so that you don't need to do this again.

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