Importing metadata is the process of associating existing metadata with a file uploaded to Each migration process has two stages: export and import.

The starting point for each export is properties. So you need to select the properties you want to export on the side of your current provider. The system should collect all referenced objects (metadata extensions, groups, namespaces, property renderers, and so on) and write these objects to a file.

First of all, you'll need to transfer all your files from the current storage to your Google Drive/Amazon S3 account and place them to working folder/bucket.

Once all the files have been successfully moved to the working folder/bucket, you will need to start working with the metadata exported from your previous provider. The metadata should be converted to the format compliant with our system, so we can easily do the migration and attach the necessary info to the corresponding file.

We've created a template for entering metadata, so that it can be properly imported to the system. Here you may download examples of the format the metadata should look like CSV and JSON files.

In the corresponding rows of the chosen file, enter the ID and the names of fields for which you want to record metadata. In each subsequent row, enter an asset Google Drive file ID or a full filename followed by metadata values.

NB! Please mind that this type of migration refers to custom development and can be calculated depending on the volume of metadata that should be transferred. Contact our Support Team via chat or send us an email for further review.

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