allows you to invite teammates so that you can work on shared projects together. The number of teammates you can invite depends on your billing plan.

Whenever you invite a new person to your team in, you have to select a role for your newly-invited teammate. The role you assign determines the scope of their permissions, their access to certain assets, features, and tools that are available in

By default, the role of the first teammate you invite is “admin”. To edit this role and create new roles for your teammates, go to Roles section (Settings menu - My Team). In the Roles section you can do the following:

  1. Create, edit and remove roles in your team;
  2. Allow or restrict your teammates’ access to certain collections (by clicking on the “paperclip” icon);
  3. Manage various permissions by ticking the necessary checkboxes on the list. You allow or restrict the following actions in

NB Please note that certain permissions are interconnected. For example, if you allow a teammate to auto-generate keywords, you should make sure you've allowed them to manage keywords in the general list of keywords.

Setting these permissions will help you keep the integrity of your digital library and protect it from unauthorized or harmful actions.

It may be also interesting for you to learn about team policies that apply to the whole team.

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