In the top left corner of the main screen you can find the Settings menu. The first section on this menu is "My account". This is the place where you can enter and edit your personal details. You can also manage your settings and notifications here.

You can find four tabs here: Profile, Settings, Notifications & Legal. 

1. Profile

In this sub-section you can enter and edit the following info about yourself:

  • email (This cannot be edited here. If necessary, learn about changing Google Drive account in
  • full name
  • position
  • phone
  • Slack nickname
  • your blog URL 
  • social media accounts
  • additional info and contacts

You can also:

  • upload your photo (128x128px image recommended). This photo will appear when you leave comments about your assets, assign users to assets, etc.
  • reset your password in

By filling in these fields, you make your account more vivid, tell your team more about yourself, and give them a way to reach you beyond

2. Settings

In this tab you can:

  • edit your network preferences. This will help you optimize the way you use in case of slow internet connection or if you work with heavy files that can slow down
  •  change user interface color scheme. You can choose between dark or light color schemes to make use even more comfortable.

3. Notifications

Here you can chose the way how you want to receive notifications from about important events happening in your digital library ( e.g. new uploads, comments, possible mistakes, etc.).

The following channels are available:

  • Email.  By default, the email address for receiving notifications is the address you used to get registered in For your convenience, you can add one or more additional email addresses that will be convenient for you to check.
  • Notification Center. A bell icon at the right top corner of the app shows the latest activities performed by you and your teammates in your account.
  • Browser Push Notifications.

You can also set integration with Slack or another service via Zapier. These can be configured in Settings -> My team section -> Integrations tab.

Check more info about receiving notifications in

4. Legal
This sub-section contains our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Here you can also find a dashboard where you can manage personal data.

It may be interesting for you to learn more about: Integration with Google Drive
Personal Data Protection in
Receiving notifications in Slack Chat

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