All the digital assets you work inside service are stored in your cloud storage: Google Drive or Amazon S3. You can manage your storage account by selecting “Storage” in the Settings menu in the top right corner of the main screen. 

Storage button in the Setting menu

Here you can see the statistics of your storage account, i.e. how much space is used by your assets: free/occupied/trashed files. You can also find a more detailed statistics for your folder within your Google Drive or Amazon S3 account, i.e. the total number of assets stored inside folder, and their type (photos, videos, other files) in Analytics section of your account.

At the top of the screen you can see which type of storage and working folder/bucket are used by If you want to connect it to a different Google Drive/Amazon S3 account, press “Change” here. However, you have to understand that you will lose your access to your current library in, and this change is irrevocable. Please contact if you're not sure on how to proceed or need any assistance.

Here you can also see which working folder/bucket inside your Google Drive/Amazon S3 account is connected with You can also press "Change" to replace a working folder/bucket. Be careful, though. If you choose this option, you will lose access to your current library in, and this change is irrevocable as well.

So, to be on the safe side, we recommend admins not to give their teammates "Change Google account / Amazon S3 bucket & working folder connected to" permission. Read more about team roles in "Assigning roles to teammates" article.

Whenever you upload/make changes to your files in your folder inside Google Drive/Amazon S3, make sure you synchronize these changes with service. Learn more about synchronization tool from the following articles:

1) Synchronizing your cloud storage with Auto-sync;

2) Synchronizing library with your storage.

Please note that the Sync functionality may be hidden from certain team members. For more information, please see the related Help Center article .

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