Communication is the key. Literally to everything. Especially when it’s a team-managed project and there is an enormous flow of creativity involved.

A reliable channel of communication is an important factor in any teamwork. has developed a number of ways you can convey your messages to your teammates, both verbally and non-verbally.

  1. To begin with, you can use flags, color markers, and star ratings to tell your teammates how you evaluate particular assets in your shared digital library.

    2. Secondly, every time you upload an asset or a new revision, you can add a comment where you can describe changes you've made to this asset or revision. 

    3. You can also leave a comment in the Activity panel, when the asset or revision has already been uploaded. To add a comment, here’s what you should do:

  • Select an asset you want to discuss.

  • Open Activity panel (a double-window-looking icon situated left to the Infopanel).

  • At the very bottom of Activity panel, you can find a space where you can leave a comment either in writing or by dictating (available for Google Chrome).

4. It's possible to add reactions to the existing comments using emoji. For example, if you like your teammate's review, you can put thumb up emoji on his/her comment in the Activity panel.

5. If you would like to continue communication related to a particular comment, just click on the 'Reply' button to start the threaded message.

How can I highlight a specific place on my asset and leave a comment about it?

If there’s some particular place on your asset (a photo, a Sketch file, etc.) that you want to discuss, you can use Markers and Areas of interest.

To add a marker, click on the pink button right above the window for leaving comments. This will create a pink marker that you can put wherever you need on your asset and leave a comment. You can create as many markers as you want. They are numbered, so you will not get confused.

Placing markers on assets

Your comments appear in the Activity panel with a marker and an eye-looking button which has two modes - closed and open. You can switch it off and on by clicking on them. Closed eye hides markers from the asset, open eye shows them.

You can highlight an area of interest in a similar way as you put markers:

  • You click on the pink button at the bottom of the Activity panel and place it where you need on the canvas.

  • Find a small arrow on the right side of the marker and drag it to select the area you need.

  • Add a comment to let everybody know why you think this area is important and what should be done about it.

Placing markers on assets

Here's a short video tutorial that explains everything that has been described above: 

Markers and highlighted areas work best with the following file formats:

  • Images, such as JPG, PNG, RAW formats, etc.

  • Designer files, such as Adobe XD, InDesign, Sketch, AI, and EPS.

  • Video files. Read more about discussing video assets here.

  • PDF files.

How will my teammates know that I left a comment in

You and your teammates can receive notifications about comments via email, Notification Center (a bell icon at the top) web push notifications, or Slack Chat. Read more about notifications in here.

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