Proofing is an essential part of any design workflow. As you are working on some project, you constantly need to show your work to your customers, teammates, and other stakeholders involved. However, you need even more than that. You need to receive their feedback.

While websites in are great for showcasing your work, there is one special type of websites that allows full-fledged proofing. It's Proofing Template.

How is Proofing Template different from other websites?

The biggest difference is that Proofing Template allows interactive collaboration. Your customers and teammates are able not only to view your work but actually give feedback. They can see the whole structure of your collection, with all nested subcollections, search for the necessary assets, leave comments about your work, put markers, outline points of interest, suggest changes, etc. 

How can I create a Proofing Template?

You can create a Proofing Template the way you create any other website in Locate your mouse cursor on the name of the chosen collection and click on the "globe" icon to create a website. Then choose "Proofing Template", which is the first option in the list of website templates available.

NB Before you click "Publish", make sure you customize your website to allow all commenting tools you need.

What are the customizing options for a Proofing Template?

The customizing options available for a Proofing Panel are much more diverse than those for other websites. The options you customize here define the extent to which others can interact with your website. In particular, you can let others do the following things:

  • Upload your company logo and background

  • Download assets

  • Convert files to JPG, PNG or PDF formats

  • Show the collections tree

  • Show contact information

  • Search for assets by different criteria

  • View different revisions

  • View and leave comments

  • See the original filenames of your assets

  • View and changes titles of your assets

  • View and change descriptions of your assets

  • View custom fields associated with your assets

  • View and change the flag status, star rating, and color labels

NB All these options are disabled by default. If you want others to see some info on the website you created (e.g. comments), make sure you tick the corresponding checkbox as "Show". And if you want to let others modify this information (e.g. not only to read, but also leave a comment), don't forget to tick the checkbox "Change".

Besides, like in all other websites, you can protect your Proofing Template with a password and add Google Analytics there. After you have finished customizing your Proofing website, hit Publish, and you're all set for sharing the link with whoever you want.

How can I change sorting mode on the Proofing template?

It's possible to set the sorting mode for your assets depending on your needs. All the sorting modes available in your account can be used on Proofing websites.

Folders in the Collection tree are sorted by alphabet. It's a default sorting mode for collections and cannot be changed.

Is there any synchronization between my collection and the Proofing Template?

Yes, there's a direct connection between a collection in and the Proofing Template website that was created out of this collection.

All changes introduced on the Proofing Template are automatically reflected in, and vice versa. If you upload a new asset or a new revision to this collection, these new elements will also appear on the Proofing Template.

This peculiarity makes Proofing Template an ideal tool for sharing your work with customers and teammates for reviewing and feedback in a remote way, especially if they are not subscribed to

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