Sometimes you can find yourself in a situation when you need to work with, while the quality of internet connection is not very high. Unstable or slow internet connection can spoil your experience of using

To deal with this problem, here are a couple of recommendations for you to follow.

  • Enable small-size images in preview

To optimize your experience, you can let use images with lower resolution for preview. Don't worry: this won’t affect the actual size of your assets or their quality when you download them. 

However, we recommend you to disable this setting if you work with PDF files, Sketch, or similar assets that contain text typed in small print. Otherwise, you probably won’t be able to read this text properly.

  •   Upload one asset at a time

If this setting is on, you will be able to upload only one file at a time to, rather than perform batch uploading. This must be useful in case of slow internet connection.

Both options can be selected in the Setting menu (My Account - Settings - Network).

NB The same recommendations, by the way, may help if you work with heavy assets (e.g. high-res RAW photos), which can otherwise slow down the system.

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