What happens after any background process fails?

In most cases, all the failed jobs are displayed at the top of the Details panel of a particular asset. Besides, you receive a report about the failed process to your email address set for Pics.io Notifications.

Types of background processes

  • Reading metadata from files uploaded/synced to Pics.io;

  • Writing changed in Pics.io metadata back to the original files in storage;

  • Generating thumbnails for unsupported files in your cloud storage;

  • Auto-generating keywords;

  • Processing content for .DOC, .PDF and .AI files;

  • Transcoding video files.

What do the errors in the Details panel mean and how can I solve them?

Reading metadata

  • The file format doesn’t look valid. In most cases it means that a file pretends to be something other than it is (e.g. .PDF files with .JPG extension). You need to check the real format of your file in the metadata using any online checker (e.g. https://exiftool.org); change the extension accordingly and try to re-upload the file to Pics.io.

  • File can’t be accessed in the storage. In this case, for some reason, the Pics.io system cannot access files in the connected storage. Probably, it may happen if Pics.io authorization has been revoked on your storage side, due to some issues with storage sharing settings or network problems. You need to check whether the asset is located in the connected storage and whether Pics.io authorization is enabled in your storage settings.

  • Corrupted file or unsupported version. This error message informs you that the file itself is broken somehow. In most cases such files cannot be opened or previewed. You should refer to the software this file has been created in to get more information about the reason for the file corruption.

  • File metadata is malformed. It means that there may be some problems with the file metadata structure, including corrupted offsets, wrongly formatted or truncated values, or simply missing metadata blocks. In such cases you need to analyze the problem with the help of any online metadata checkers (e.g. https://exiftool.org)

Writing metadata

  • Version can’t be uploaded to storage. Such a problem may appear when Pics.io authorization has been revoked on the storage side. Besides, it may happen when any issues with storage sharing settings or network arise. You need to check if the file exists in the connected storage and it can be downloaded on the storage side.

  • Version can’t be uploaded to storage: No permissions. It means a problem with permissions on the storage side that prevents files from being uploaded to storage. Probably, Pics.io authorization has been revoked or there are issues with storage sharing settings.

  • Version can’t be uploaded to storage: Storage Upload Quota exceeded. It means that there is no free space left in your connected storage or you have reached daily upload limits.

If you're not sure how to fix failed processes or what they mean, please contact support@pics.io for further help.

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