Sometimes it may happen that an issue appears which cannot be reproduced from our side and requires a detailed investigation. So Developers team have to check how the problem looks inside your account directly. They need to login to the profile and try to reproduce the issue.

In this case, our Support team may ask you to grant access to your account in order to assist you with a question, issue or request. After that, our Dev Team can login to your account to troubleshoot and fix issues reported by your team.

NB! Support will never ask for your password and cannot access your library without your permission.

How can I grant team access to my account?

  • Mouse over your profile icon in the top right corner;
  • Locate the 'Legal' tab in the left-side panel;
  • Choose 'Support' in the menu;
  • Enable the checkbox 'Allow team to access your account'.
Granting access to your account

What happens when you grant access to your account?

Once you allow access, Dev Team will have full permissions to your profile and will be able to check the reported problem inside your profile. The consent remains available within the next 24 hours after the checkbox is enabled. After the period of 24 hours is over, we lose access to your account and won't be able to login till you enable the checkbox again.

Besides, teammates who have access to Audit Trail will be able to see this event in the activity logs. So you can check who from your teammates and when allowed the support team to access your account.

NB! Nobody from the team will log in to your account to resolve issues without this explicit permission.

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