works on top of your Google Drive. Before you start using service, first of all, you need to agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Services which comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Feel free to check more information about personal data protection here.

After you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, you need to perform two simple steps to start using

  • After you sign up, allow to get access to your Google Drive. Apart from this consent, never requires any other information about your Google account, such as login names or passwords. doesn’t know password to your Google Drive, and there’s no chance it can get access to it.
  • Choose a folder inside your Google Drive that you want to connect with If you already have assets in this folder, they will become available in after sync. The service will work only with the content of this folder and never touch other files and folders in your Google Drive. Alternatively, you can let create a new Picsio folder in your Google Drive.

Google Drive doesn't support permission on the folder level to third party applications. That is why needs to ask for access to the entire Google Drive of the user. However, activity is only limited to one single working folder you choose to connect with app. doesn’t use usual Google Drive sharing mechanism. Access to your working folder is performed via cryptographic keys provided by Google Drive API.

Any recommendations for teams? only gets access to the working folder inside the Google Drive that belongs to the team owner. If you add teammates, doesn’t require access to their Google Drives.

If you are planning to use as a team, it's highly recommended to use Team Drive with (you can read more about it here). The best scenario is to create a separate Team Drive and provide with access to that. In this case you won’t have to give access to the rest of your Google Drive. Read more about integration with Team Drive here.

Another good practice is to create a separate Google account  (e.g. which you will use solely for repository.

Any other security measures available? doesn’t store your assets. Google Drive does. So common-sense security measures in Google apply here as well. dev team does not have access to your digital repository. We can only get access to your assets at your consent for support purposes. 

For greater security, access to production servers is limited to very few members of our dev team.

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