It may happen that files you need to upload are in PSD format, which is a file extension of images created in Adobe Photoshop. 

Uploading PSD files to is as easy as uploading files of other extensions. However, as PSD files tend to be larger and heavier due to the amount of digital data PSD allows to store in one single file, may require slightly more time to create a thumbnail for it.

After the PSD file is uploaded you or your teammates may realize there is more work to be done on it. As the updated version of the file is ready, you may upload it as a “revision” of the initial version and see the difference between the versions contrasted. It is possible with the help of our visual diff tool that allows to upload two versions and visually compare them. Ultimate activity panel allows not only to track versions, but also receive comments from your colleagues. You can learn more about assets versioning here.

With the help of add-on for Adobe Creative Cloud, it is possible to work on your PSD files right in the Adobe interface. You may upload files as new documents or add them as layers. Once you finish working on your PSD files, save them back to your library as new assets or as revisions without even leaving your Adobe app. Check more details on integration with Adobe CC tools here.

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