allows you to invite teammates so that you can work on shared projects together. The number of teammates you can invite depends on your billing plan. has a flexible billing system that allows you to scale up or scale down your team very easily depending on your needs. 

In order to invite a teammate,  mouse over your avatar in the top right corner of the main screen and select My Team section. Here you will find four tabs: Settings, Teammates, Roles and Integrations.

Teammates section shows available information about the team owner and all other teammates alongside with their emails and roles they perform. The two figures divided by slash above the name of the section (e.g. 11/50) refer to the current number of teammates in your team (11) and the number of teammates you are allowed to invite according to your billing plan (50). 

Here you can also search for certain teammates and invite new ones by pressing Invite new teammate button. 

To invite a new team member, you need to type in their email address and assign a role. A newly-invited teammate will receive an email-invitation to join your team from with a link to complete the registration. Your digital repository stored in Google Drive will be automatically shared with the teammate you've invited.

You can also set different roles and permissions in your team to insure the integrity of your digital library.

Invite new users from your G Suite team

If you're a G Suite user, you may save your time and invite your colleagues to using the 'Add more users from G Suite' button. Once invited, all the email addresses of new teammates will appear in the field and you may simply remove unnecessary ones.

Before doing that, you need to make app trusted in your G Suite Admin console, so that we can see the users on your domain and add them to

If you are a G Suite user, you have an opportunity to control which third-party apps can access your G Suite account data.

How to add into trusted apps 

If isn't in the list of trusted apps, you'll receive the following error message. 

To do so, login to your G Suite Admin console, go to Settings -> Security -> App access control -> select Manage Third-Party App Access ->  find among other apps -> click Change access -> select 'Trusted' from the drop-down list.

NB! It can be done only by the Google account administrator, otherwise, you'll receive the following message:

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